February 13, 2011

Let's Dance...Er, I Mean, Sweat

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Yesterday, I paid off my losing Super Bowl bet to granddaughter Desiree by baking and delivering a giant chocolate chip cookie.

While at their house, I agreed to try Just Dance 2 on the Wii. 

The good news? I did not suffer a coronary, as I expected.

I first watched Desiree's solo dance, and understood that the hand holding the controller must match the movements of the magenta or turquoise-colored hand on the screen.

Emboldened, I agreed to dance along with Desiree. 

I "danced" along to three songs in a row - and by "dance", I mean that I awkwardly shuffled and/or lurched along to the music - and hit Des with the Wii controller a couple of times in my foolishly exuberant attempt at dancing.

After a one song break, where I caught my breath and watched Des and The Boy dance to a Jackson Five tune, I screwed up my courage to give it one last try.

Our final song selection? Monster Mash. Finally, a song with dance steps that rewarded lurching.

Des, of course, outscored me handily the whole time. She's forty years younger and a zillion pounds lighter than me.

Old and fat does not help one compete in this arena.

And if there is a next time? I must invest in industrial strength deodorant - so even when I fail miserably, the agony of my defeat won't be accompanied by the stench of my flop sweat. 

For your viewing pleasure, the Monster Mash:


  1. I'm kind of interested in trying one of these dance games! I would have to focus on lurching as well. And you're braver than me ... I don't think I'd allow others to see the train wreck that would be me doing this.

  2. Hubby bought a Wii Fit and does all the exercises. I can bowl!
    You are funny.

  3. I agreed to Zumba with mine! She beat me hands down! I managed to avoid strained muscles and a coronary, too! I love the music, though! Does it count if you just stand and watch?

  4. I have a current bet against my Love that next time we go to the arcade at the movie theatre here local - I will be able to beat him at Dance Dance Revolution.

    I fear that I will live to regret my cockiness when I made that bet!


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