February 24, 2011

Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop - The Green Edition

This post is all about going green - it's 100% recycled...because I'm totally into cheating conserving MY energy.

The prompt I chose this week? 

What did they get into now? Describe a time your toddler got into something they shouldn't have. Click here to play along!

Why I Can Prove that Sleep is Over-rated
This story happened when The Boy was still a preschooler...and he still napped. I had a migraine that day, and was grateful to be able to nap on the couch while he was napping in his bed. I'm sure I had lovely rainbow and unicorn-filled dreams. 

I bet I was also dreaming about loaded baked potatoes and wheat toast.

Why baked potatoes and toast, you ask?? Come on, admit it - you DID just ask.

Well, this one time I was sleeping, I awoke to the smell of butter. Butter? Yes, I was convinced of it. I smelled butter. 

Well, not exactly butter...in truth, it was that famous and tasty 51% vegetable oil spread, Country Crock. Curious, that.

I opened my eyes and sat up. My arm looked positively shiny. And it also smelled of fake butter.

I looked across the room and saw The Boy.


Rolling on the carpeted floor. 

And on the carpet?

A huge oil slick consisting of Country Crock. The Boy looked so happy - and fairly jaundiced. His skin had a shiny, yellow tint. He positively glowed.

During my nap, he also slathered the stuff in my hair - I must say, my hair had a sheen like never before...nor since. 

It took FIVE baths to get The Boy de-greased. And the oil slick left in the bathtub was quite a chore to get rid of, too.

I never fully removed the oil stain from the carpet (say goodbye, security deposit).

I haven't slept soundly since that fated day...

unless you count the time that a certain six-year old Boy ordered Christmas presents from an 800 number...with my credit card. I wrote about THAT story here.


  1. Seriously, your life is a book being written. One day when you're rolling in dough you'll wish you had some of that butter. Your blog is so fun.

  2. BWHAHAHAH.. ummm my boy made me breakfast one morning, I was in bed, daddy got up to go potty. Found the boy in the kitchen with a box of cereal, 2 sticks of butter, some milk, sugar and eggs busted in the floor. He was making me breakfast in bed.

  3. OM Gosh! So funny! Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

  4. Bwa Ha! This is exactly like something my now 7 year old would have gotten into. In fact, I can't believe he never thought of this one!

  5. My kids are into the vaseline- so much so that we had to hide it because they were both dousing themselves in it daily. I still find vaseline places!

    stooping by from Mama Kat's

  6. Wow, reading these posts I am realizing that my son hasn't been such a troublemaker after all!

    I did the same prompt, it looks like a lot of us did!

  7. I often wish I could remember my thought process as a very small child, because then I might be able to figure out why those little darlings get into so much trouble!

  8. Oh wow. Note to self: keep the crisco away from my future kids. Under lock and key!

  9. Oh my word! This is the funniest story! I can't even imagine. A golden sheen! Too funny Ms. Freaking Cleaver!

  10. But did you picture him as turkey like on Seinfeld?


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