February 15, 2011

Post-it Note Tuesday - Better than Valentines Edition

It's Post-it Note Tuesday! I have been a real PINT slacker lately, I hope this post makes up for my recent absence. Link up with That One Mom and join in on the fun!

As I've posted before, The Boy started going to a new school last month. 

I blame this fact on my lack of bitchy posts - I love the place...and more importantly, so does The Boy.

Yesterday, in lieu of Valentine cards, they had the students and staff write positive messages to each other. Here are the ones that The Boy received (I've color coded them - yellow from students, pink from staff):

I Like You Because...

 The Boy had to add one for himself:

Who needs hearts and flowers after this? I know I don't - although I wouldn't turn down a piece or two of chocolate.


  1. Stopping by to wish you a happy PINT - love the idea of writing nice comments for everyone in lieu of spending money on V-day...

  2. What an awesome idea! I will pass this on. Your boy has alot going for him, especially his mom. Pat yourself on the back.

  3. great descriptions...happy valentines!!

  4. I wish The Girl's transition was going so smoothly. What a great way to get the kids saying nice things!

  5. Awww...how wonderful. He must have been floating on air after all these. I'm so so happy that new school is working out so well.

  6. Love the idea, and what sweet things about "The Boy" - you're right, the best kind of Valentine (but yes, chocolate doesn't hurt!).


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