February 19, 2011

Saturday Centus - 02/19/11 - All in a Day's Work

Jenny Matlock is at it again! This week, she got her writing prompt inspiration (appearing below, in bold) from a Bruno Mars song.

All in a Day's Work

The sun is brutal, glad that I wore my sunglasses today. I'm standing outside the left passenger door of the car at the curb.  

Waiting is a big part of this job - waiting and watching. Sweat starts to trickle down my back, and suddenly, my collar feels tight.
I adjust my necktie and shift my weight from foot to foot.


After a wait that seems like forever, Renegade comes out of his meeting, and walks toward the car.

"Hey Steve, ready to go?" he asks, smiling at me.

"As always, I'd catch a grenade for ya, Mr. President."

For The Mister's take on the devotion displayed in Bruno Mars song, click here.


  1. Good job! I like the direction you took this in. I never even thought of secret service or body guards.

  2. And I hope the day never comes where he has to! I am enjoying the different takes on this week's prompt rather than the obvious. Very nice Ms. Cleaver.

    In case you missed me, I can be found After the Silence

  3. Yup! It would a lot more interesting than standing by this car door, sweating my brains out! Great take on the prompt!!

  4. So very good...loved where you went with this !

  5. I liked this one, especially Renegade!

  6. I love the twist. It made for an even more enjoyable second read. You're very clever.

  7. Loved it. Excellent take on the prompt. Never would have thought of going in that direction. Good for you for being original June!

  8. Very dutiful this Renegade!~Ames

  9. This is clever and creative. I liked it!


  10. Hitting outside the box as usual June! Superb job with this one! Love the direction you took this one!

  11. Very clever! You really had your thinking cap on for this one!
    Of course, the secret service guys are supposed to take a bullet for the President, so why not a hand grenade too?
    Great text. The prompt fits like a glove! The language suits the subject. Like his nickname for the President,'Renegade'! Nice twist at the end. Excellent solution to the challenge!
    Best wishes,
    Anna's SC week 42 Maisy-Jane

  12. June, I love your images! I could feel the sweat and tight collar, and I love the twist! This prompt has been taken in many direction, and I like this one a lot.


  13. What a clever use of the prompt! I never would have thought of a secret service agent. I wonder if that's in the job description? "Must be willing to take a grenade for your boss". I would imagine that most times the job is BORING. And really, would you want it at those times that it wasn't boring? Nicely done! Kat

  14. Wow...out side of the box and well played. Really like this take on a rough prompt...I read the Q&A session with the Mister first and thought that was your submission! So glad I took a spin back through or I would have missed this gem!

  15. Oh do I ever wish the sun was shining here and oh yeah that the snow wasn't falling in tons from a dark sky still and that the winds weren't...end of rant....this was visionary and delightful...good way to take the prompt!

  16. Clever and creative!
    Donna V.

  17. This was wonderful! I love this different take on this prompt! Your imagination just astounds me!


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