February 01, 2011

Update on the Storm of the Day/Week/Month/Year/Decade/Century

The weather experts predicted a huge storm this week. A storm where we'd run the gamut of ice, sleet, snow and wind. Power outages, blizzard conditions, all manner of dangerous stuff has been mentioned in the forecasts.

Now, it's time to get real.

Here's our checklist:

Ice - Check. About a half inch of the slippery stuff since last night.
Sleet - Big check. It's been sleeting for hours, it looks like the ground and everything else is snow-covered, but don't be fooled by that pristine whiteness. It's that mean bastard sleet. 

Our screen door keeps freezing to the frame.

I can touch tree branches I've never been able to reach before, they are shiny and sparkly and heavily laden with ice and sleet.

I'm thinkin' there may be a power outage in our future.

I'm gonna cook up a big pot o'somethin' this afternoon, so we can have a hot meal today.

If the power remains on, that is.

We're all electric here, so no power means no cooking, either.

The estimated snow total for our area has been downgraded to 3 - 6 inches, since the sleet has remained so much longer than expected.

Later, if there's no power?

The Boy and I will be bundled up in multiple layers of clothing, clutching our flashlights...and wondering how we can live without hot water, hot food, the microwave and worst of all...


I hope everyone else in the storm's path remains warm and safe. I know it'll take a blowtorch to get through the ice to open my car door, but I'm not going anywhere on these roads. Even crazy has a limit.

We could read or worse yet, be forced to talk to each other (something we do less of now that we're all plugged in/logged on).

Don't PB&J sandwiches by flashlight sound inviting? We have plenty, you're welcome to join us if you can get here.

I'd say "I'll leave the light on for ya", but I might be lying.


  1. I hate winter...it is cold here too, but no ice yet,,,

  2. I'm sort of disappointed!!! I was looking forward to the fluffy stuff. The dog won't pee in the sleet!

    Stay warm!!

  3. oh my. maybe you need a coleman stove. yeah, then you could cook.

    I'm sitting here at 16 degrees wind chill making it -2. loving life

  4. The storm's been a near total wash out here (PA). We woke up to a thin layer of ice, but it turned into rain soon enough and now it's just a gray, soggy mess out there. I got a day off, though, since all the schools canceled.

  5. You must be in central US. What state are you in? I'm in Mid-Mo and we are BLANKETED with snow....12inches and counting...I think most of the ice missed us, but we are defiantly barricaded in.

  6. The Mrs.,

    I am just south of St. Louis. We seemed to have missed the snow, but are still getting the sleet.

    And shoveling sleet is like sweeping up spilled sugar...you're never done, because some always remains behind.

  7. Sounds like you got yourself an ice storm ... and those are more dangerous (and annoying) than snow storms I think. Be warm!

  8. I am sooo over winter! I think we may be spared. Originally we were in the gloom and doom zone, but now they are thinking it will warm up enough that it will start as ice and then end up just rain. IT's supposed to start in a few hours. We'll see. Stay warm! I hope you don't lose power!


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