March 17, 2011

If Daydreaming Could Make it Come True...

 I often daydream about...
  • a day without alarm clocks and schedules 
  • a Boy who doesn't curse one single time, all day long 
  • a day without autism and bipolar disorder, without giving umptiumpteen reminders about putting on deodorant, socks and shoes 
  • a day without ensuring that medication has been taken at the proper time 
  • a time when I can walk in the front door and the house is cleaner than when I left it 
  • not having to guard the refrigerator or cabinets against food raids 
  • not having to make dinner 
  • having all six kids, five spouses and 6.8 grandchildren all in one (nearby) place to stay (this dream will change to 7 grandchildren in June)
  • getting a full-time writing job, like before the economy sucked
I sometimes daydream about...
  • being debt-free. If The Mister and I could be consistently employed for a couple of years, it can happen
  • all the doctor visits, medical tests and procedures I'd schedule to have right after I get health insurance
  • The Mister and I, happy and content as we grow old together in our country home (with 20 acres for him), and within minutes of shopping/library/doctor/kids (for me)
  • The Boy being an adult who is as happy and successful as he can be
  • Two words: More grandchildren!


  1. Those are good daydreams. To come home to a house that is cleaner than I left it (as opposed to much worse than I left it) would be heaven!

  2. I believe in your dreams!

  3. Daydreaming is a waste of time unless you turn them into goals and actually take steps to make them happen. Hope at least some of your dreams come true!

    Stopping by from Writer's Workshop. Here's my posts about stories of love if you get a chance to visit: and

  4. Oh the cursing drives me batty. I am consistently telling mine to watch his mouth.We are starting all over with his meds since he admitted a drug problem and the rehab took him off his meds .. hope all of your wishes come true

  5. That's some weighty stuff you are dealing with my friend. I sincerely hope some of these daydreams become reality for you.

    Visiting from Mama Kat's.

  6. I hope these daydreams become reality for you as well, stopping by on the linkup from mamakats.

  7. I too wrote on this prompt this week. All the best for being debt free. That is one of my dreams too.

  8. Never stop wishing, and I'll keep sending good thoughts and prayers your way. It's as hard being the mom as it is the kid.

  9. If your kids read this they might feel some pressure now :). I dream of my home bringing cleaner when I get home too.. But well then that would mean someone broke into my home and cleaned it.

  10. Those are great day daydreams! Like focal "happy points" in a labor and delivery room...

  11. I so wish all of these could come true for you.

  12. You deserve a Calgon moment to take you away! Keep on day dreaming if it makes you more sane. I have a whole lot of wishes for my 2 youngest sons. (loved your header description -- I can relate :)
    stopping by from mama kat's

  13. Wishing your "sometimes" daydreams displace the "often" daydreams! Take time to muse about the delicious possibilities and keep breathing deeply. Things will get better.

  14. I wish for you that many of your wishes will come true and just in general all the best. And I know exactly what you mean about your wish for all of your children and grandchildren to be close. It's pretty sure it will never happen for us, but that doesn't stop me from wishing for it.

  15. Wow. Mama Kat chose your post to feature.

    In so many ways I can relate, my friend.

    I dream of not being burdened with the responsibility of being the responsible adult.

    I dream of wearing diapers and having my children clean off my butt for once. Or a year or two.


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