March 24, 2011

Psychics, Poetry and Personal Peccadillos - The Writer's Workshop Trifecta

Thank Mama Kat for today's inspiration.

I chose three (3) prompts this week. They appear in bold text.

Ask the psychic! You have an opportunity to get any question answered in regards to your future. What will you ask?

I actually DID go to a psychic back in September. I asked about The Boy's future. The only information I gave about The Boy was his age (15). She had no knowledge of his particular challenges.

Here's what the psychic lady said about the Tarot card I picked from her deck:
In two years, The Boy will figure out what he wants to do with his life.

He will have a 'morbid' (her word) profession: perhaps he'll get into forensics, or embalm bodies, or be the person to pick up dead bodies. He will get jobs making great money, and will someday be the director of a company.

Dead people can't be insulted by his poor social skills, so maybe she had something there. But this is the kid who screams like a little girl when he glimpses blood in a package of meat in the refrigerator - I don't think there's much chance of him working with severed limbs and body fluids.
April is national poetry month…Write a poem about hope.

Hope springs eternal, as Alexander Pope once said
Poor Al was wrong! His optimism
Is just like him...both dead.

Something you do that drives your significant other CRAZY.
Just one? How 'bout a list? 

Disclaimer: The Mister is sick (and out of town). He is not fond of long, probing conversations when he is not feeling well, so I did NOT get his official okie-dokie; I'm merely writing from memory of his constant complaints.

I don't listen.
True. I think The Mister and I need to clarify terms here. I HEAR what he says. I just choose not to LISTEN (which has an implied, "Yes, Master, I will obey" in it).

I interrupt/talk too much.
True. By the Mister's own admission, I have 50,000 words that I must utter in a day. If I sit quietly while he pontificates, I'll never meet my quota. And anything I want to say far more fascinating than what The Mister wants to say (at least to me). I'm so witty - you'd think The Mister would want to build me a stage and awesome sound system so he could hear my wildly entertaining patter and dulcet tones in every room of the house.

Also, if I don't blurt out my idea right away, it will rattle around in my brain in the 'I Should Have Said' section, and I'll get a headache. But primarily, I interrupt because sometimes The Mister says stupid things, and I must stop him before disaster occurs.

I have weird sleeping habits.
True. I can get by on about five hours of sleep a night. But after a period of time, the sleep deficit must be repaid, and I'll have a marathon sleeping session, or a nice, long afternoon nap - then I'm good to go with the five hours again. I can't just go to bed and lie there if I am not tired. It's painful - I'd rather have Chinese water torture than have to lie there. I feel like I'm being punished. I do not go to bed until I feel like I will die if I don't go to sleep.

I like to sleep in a dark, quiet room. He likes to keep the bathroom light on, and to have a fan running. When he's out of town, I sleep like a baby (far more than five hours).

I keep forgetting who's the boss around here.
False. I know who the boss is. I see the boss' reflection when I brush my hair in front of the mirror every day. The Mister is delusional, but he buys me chocolate, so I tolerate him.


  1. 3 prompts in one post! The psychic's prediction about the boy's future is strange.

    I am the same as you on item 1 on you list. I hear my husband but I don't always listen to him (and he does the same to me).

  2. I agree with you that lieing in bed while unable to sleep is TORTURE! I'm also an interrupter, I used to call myself and Interrupting Cow. I've been working on it. Fun post.

  3. Visiting from MamaKat's! Three prompts, huh? You overachiever! :-)

  4. At least he buys you chocolate - that's gotta be a point in his favor!

  5. I love that you know exactly what you want and you go for it and admit it unabashedly! You crack me up. Love it.

  6. You are SO the boss. It's cute how the husbands think they are.

  7. As usual, you just crack me up. The hope poem just rocks. It slayed me. And it is obvious to me that The Mister is delusional.

  8. I like the interrupting - I blurt things out too as I'm afraid I'll forget what I wanted to say!

  9. I'm a little scared to go to a physhic. What a dork. But then, knowing you, you will be all.... but dazee, I went. What are you afraid. scardy cat.

  10. I would never go to a psychic.

    Sounds like you are being a good wife by interrupting him!

    Stopping by from writer's workshop. Here's links to ours: and

  11. My f.i.l's mother encouraged him to become a mortician because he would "always have a job." I wish I didn't, but I'm with you on the Crazy 1 & 2 -- talking and interrupting. :) My Hub quite often has that glazed over look. I just stop and wait until I have his full attention. If he looks away, I stop and wait...again. That probably drives him crazy.


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