March 26, 2011

Saturday Centus 03/26/11 - Time is of the Essence

Jenny Matlock is a wonderful blogger who is going to make my head literally explode today!

Her Saturday Centus, a meme that prompts you to create a story from a writing prompt she supplies.

The wrinkle this week (that is causing additional frown lines on my face)? We must write a rhyming poem, ala Dr. Seuss.

As usual, the prompt appears below, in bold text.

Please visit Jenny for all of the great responses to this challenge!

Timing is Everything...Or Maybe, Location, Location, Location!

I once met a man at the fair
Carrying a box, I asked, "What have you there?"
He said, "Why, it's a new clock!
Can you hear its 'tick tock'?"
And I gazed at the item – I was scared!

I began to run away, in a flash
My lifesaving 100-yard dash
I'm not a chicken
But the 'clock' that was tickin'
Came from an old bomb maker's stash

I ran right into a dark cave
Confident that my life had been saved
Then I heard in the gloom
Tick tock, tick tock, tick...KA-BOOM!
Now I’m buried six feet under, in my grave


  1. Don't ask me how you did it but even with a dreadful ending that poem was quite funny!

  2. Well, this one is original, I'll have to tell you. Great use of the prompt, I thought. Well done.

  3. very nice! I can see a little kid at the park!

  4. Nice job! If you are buried six feet under, then we will all be deprived of your wonderful and quirky sense of humor!

  5. AHHH! You have reached out from the grave to regale us with your offering! How nice!!

  6. You always come through, June. Prose or poetry. Love the quirks!


  7. Quite fanciful ;-) I loved this...out of the box for sure...Peace and blessings

  8. Is that why my head hurts? Oh yeah this was a test today! I am so impressed with the way you went very original and probably won't be another like it! Great post!

  9. Beware of strangers bearing ticking boxes! The ending was a surprise:@)

  10. Well, in this case prevention ended up as an unsafe measure....loved this take.

  11. omg. That was awesome. And you always come up with them sooooo fast. Great, great job. You are a fine teacher to me. Thanks for the gentle nudges.

  12. I do a mean 100 yard dash too, I think she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Nice one.

  13. okay, most freakin' clever poem so far!!! you are just so darn clever!!!

  14. Ah, June, another fabulous entry! Does your quirky and unique creativity know no bounds? Superb!

  15. I just love the way your mind works. This was really clever, and morbidly funny. Loved it! Kat

  16. Oh no, I sure hope this isn't a true story. That would really speak volumes for your writing. This is great, very clever and fun.

  17. JFC! I love you! I am reading these on a high-stress afternoon and just grinning like an idiot here!

    This was really, really fabulous.

    Clever and fun! Just like you!


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