March 04, 2011

What's New at the Cleaver Compound and Stuff

Since I've been doing more memes when I manage to post anything, and because I've not been focusing on what's happening with me so much (and I know you're all dying to know what I'm doing), I thought I'd just do an update post on what's been happening at the Cleaver compound.

It's All About Me!
I am still working at the tax office, but we're not as busy as in previous years. I think a lot of folks are doing their taxes online (though I have done a few more amended returns this year) - some of these same folks have made a few mistakes, or missed out on ways to increase their tax refund or minimize their tax liability.

I recently joined two writing groups in my area. I'm looking forward to learning how to improve my writing skills, and enjoy hearing how the other members came to the realization that writing is something they want to do more of. I got to meet Donna, of Donna's Book Pub fame, and I had lunch with Becky Povich, the current president of Saturday Writers. 

OMG, I might be getting a social life.

Since we were talking about writing, I wanted to be sure to tell you what a proud moment it was for me when I received, via email, my first submission rejection letter! I'm sure it won't be the last - but rest assured, I'm not going to let rejection keep me from submitting in the future.

I went to ladies' night with a fellow tax preparer last weekend. It was quite a bargain - all the rail drinks you could swill for only $6. Let's just say I got my money's worth, and I suffered no ill effects from imbibing (other than some residual dehydration - darn that alcohol). I enjoyed seeing other people make fools of themselves, for a change. The Mister was my ride to and from the bar, so I avoided any legal complications from my night of frivolity.

Family Recap
The Mister is still working out of town, so I continue to enjoy my 'wifely vacations' during the week. He's already had one contract extension, and would like to convince them to keep him past the end of May...we'll see what develops there.

The Boy is continuing to do a GREAT job at school. He hasn't had a single outburst (knock on wood); we are hopeful that he has success for a long, long time. He is showing some insight into some of his own negative behaviors - I see that as a major breakthrough (if he could use that knowledge about his behavior at HOME, we'd be golden). His shrink is adjusting his meds slightly, in an attempt to end his daily assault on the comestibles in the house.

Grandpa Gus made an unscheduled trip to the hospital this week. He had a TIA (transient ischemic attack), or mini-stroke. He was unable to speak, and had some facial drooping on one side of his face. He also had some trouble swallowing.

He's back home at Ruth's house already, and is beginning speech and physical therapy. The Mister and I are scheduled for weekend Grandpa Gus duty, so we'll each take a day to prepare him food and keep him company. I wonder if he'll still call me Beverly (which is not my name, BTW) - but I'll be happy, no matter what name he calls me.

Today is the gorgeous Tammy's birthday! It's never polite to tell a woman's age, but suffice it to say that Tammy enjoyed being 28 this past year. 

She, Frank and Seth continue to look forward to baby Russell's arrival in mid-June. I know I can't wait - I miss holding and spoiling a baby! Just don't ask Tammy how much weight she's gained so far, she gets a bit snippy (even when I'm joking). Kiss, kiss, Tammy!

It's so worth the wait, to get another grandchild. Grandkids are the best invention EVER! If you haven't already, you really should think about having the grandkids BEFORE having your own children - grandkids are so much more fun, and you have none of that annoying responsibility stuff to contend with.

Speaking of grandchildren, Jordyn is enjoying first grade (her favorite activity is playing on the playground).  She and Cameron had a day off from school this week, as the brush fires in central FL prevented Shannon from driving them to school. But don't fret, all is well.

Jordyn's plan for her day off? To get her fingernails painted, and to lay in bed and watch movies, and maybe play the Wii. I like this kid's way of thinking.

Later that evening, Jordyn logged onto her daddy's Facebook account, and we had a nice chat.

Some of her comments:

what on rthe di you meen? (What on earth do you mean?)

I meen did (I meaned/meant it)

yes it is uod be (yes it would be)

I can only assume that her school is a fan of inventive spelling.

On the Home Front
Our newest 'toy' at the Cleaver compound:

Our original washer, whom I've named Polly Esther, was old and cranky. She grew weary of spinning, so I'd have to run the dryer twice as long to get the laundry dry. We fired her sorry ass.

Our new washer? She's one of those newfangled high efficiency washers. She uses wacky HE detergent, and very little water. She has no agitator. I'm not sure how the darned thing works.

She sounds funny when she runs. 

Imagine what Fozzie Bear of Muppet fame would say if Kermit put the bear's 'jewels' in a vise and tightened it...

Think WOKKA WOKKA, as a soprano - that's the wash cycle.

I haven't settled on a name for our new washer yet. I'm taking suggestions - what's a great name for a ballbuster who likes to clean?


  1. Polly Esther! You are a hoot. You can take the mundane and make it marvelously funny. Erma has her eye on you. My new washer sounds like an airplane taking off. I expect some day to find clothes flung all around the basement when the lid comes unlatched. Have a great day and cherish that wifely vacation.

  2. Ty deNuts or Tye DeNuts or some variation. You're funny. I'm not that funny.

  3. Sounds like things are going pretty well over there (knock on wood). I'm so happy that the new school is working out so well. And I have an HE washer; they go crazy when spinning but seem to work good! Here's hoping for another contract extension for The Mister ... and lots more submission letters (and fewer rejection letters) for you.

  4. Oooooh, I want one of those HE toys! How about naming her "Jessie's Girl" since everyone wants one!

    So glad to hear how well the Boy is doing! His self-esteem must be soaring!

    I wish my Mister would get sent out of town now and then... u lky grl!

  5. I love that you named your old washer Polly Esther. That made me laugh and I needed to laugh! Thank you for that! I am glad the Boy is doing well in school and is showing insight into his neg behaviors. I can't wait until my son begins to understand. Right now he just laughs or shuts down when his behavior becomes aggressive or out of control. Have a great weekend!

  6. So glad that the Boy is doing so well in school, what a relief that is for you!


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