April 29, 2011

After Today, We Can Pretend Autism Doesn't Exist, Right?

Tomorrow, April 30, is the last day of National Autism Awareness Month.

May 1st, we can all go back to total ignorance. It's so much easier that way.

Let's just pretend Autism doesn't exist, shall we?

At least they picked a short month - I'd have hated it if they picked one of the long ones.

And for all of you folks who can't let Autism go today?

You know who you are - grudge holders, livers in the past (and I don't mean old internal organs)...

You and I all know that our kids aren't autistic, there's nothing wrong with them that can't be solved by a good dose of discipline.

I wish I had followed all of the "helpful" (and by 'helpful', I mean unsolicited) advice I've heard over the years.

Just think where we'd be if I'd:

  • Put The Boy on a sleep schedule
  • Let him cry it out
  • Made him eat that food he hates so much he pukes it back up
  • Spanked The Boy when he got out of hand
  • Let him act "like a real boy" (said by The Boy's own father)'
  • Quit "babying" him

Boy, we'd have it made now, right?

All of this makes my head hurt. I'm so glad that after today, I won't have to think about autism for another year.

I finally watched the TV movie Temple Grandin. Yes, I know it came out last year - but it was in February, and as such, I could remain in denial about the existence of autism.

Then, to verify that all this autism stuff is nonsense Claire Danes had her characterization of Temple Grandin down pat, I found this video of Dr. Grandin. She's describing the different types of autism (seems like she believes they exist), and talking about her experiences:

She was pretty darned convincing. So for this last day of Autism Awareness Month, please watch her video, before it's time to pretend that autism doesn't exist again.

Gotta go...my tongue is so far in my cheek, I think I hurt myself.


  1. I'm sure your sense of humor has helped you through the years--good for you in all you do in loving The Boy.

  2. I don't ever forget about it. My niece's little boy has it.

  3. Yes it does exist, but because the why's aren't understood, there is confusion and disbelievers. But there is always hope....

  4. Don't you just wants to smack people for their advice sometimes? Ugh.


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