April 25, 2011

Don't Bother Checking the Weather Here, It's Not Good...A Day of Reckoning

We've been awash in rain for days and days - and at least until Thursday this week, thunderstorms are in our forecast.

The terrible tornadoes in St. Louis this past weekend missed our area. Thanks to early warnings and the tornado sirens, there were no deaths, and only minor injuries. Homes can be replaced; lives cannot. The area dodged a big humanity bullet.

We're hoping our luck holds out.

In non-weather-related news, there have been good things and bad things happening around the Cleaver compound. I thought I'd sum up and evaluate each piece of news as GOOD or BAD.

Tax season is over, so I'm once again among the unemployed. 

But I found out that I'm eligible for a teensy weensy bit of unemployment for the next 20 weeks. Yay.

My car is dying. I have a bad valve in cylinder #2 - repairs would cost more than the vehicle is worth. I found this out AFTER I paid over $300 for repairs...on a car that will just sit in the driveway until a tow truck takes it to the big junkyard in the sky. It still runs, but it backfires, and I fear being stranded somewhere, and having to pay a small fortune to get it towed.

Since The Mister is out of town most of the week, this means that I have no transportation. I am housebound. I am hoping that The Mister will see how inconvenient it is to drag The Boy and me around on the few days he is home, and we'll look for another car sooner than later.

We have been eligible to receive Respite Care for The Boy. We've been on a waiting list since November of 2008 for funding. I called this past week to inquire about our status. We are still on the waiting list - but the agency we are working with decided to try to find some funds for The Boy to attend camp again this summer.

When they called to tell me the good news, and I told The Boy, he said, "Kickass!" He absolutely loves this camp.

They did it! I sent in his registration form and the 10% deposit; the agency if footing the rest of the bill! Yippee! 

BAD, if you count delusional as BAD
The Mister may be under the mistaken impression that my housebound status may mean that I do more housework.

Fat chance of that happening. He will, however, be pleased to know that I'm not wasting gasoline and spending money frivolously (as he often says I do) when I run errands in the area.

We have a convection/microwave oven that has been misbehaving again. The other day, I was baking a potato. Suddenly, the oven made a buzzing sound (like the electrical coils and stuff in Doctor Frankenstein's laboratory) - and then flames began shooting inside the oven! The flames disappeared when I opened the microwave door.

Here's what the inside looks like now:

We bought a new microwave (without the fancy stuff); it will be delivered sometime in the next week.

I got a postcard from The Boy's school this week:

Positive Report for The Boy, 4/20/11.

We thought you'd like to know; your student demonstrated exceptional behavior in the following area(s) today:

Conflict resolution
Courtesy/assistance to other(s)

The Boy went out of his way to help a peer resolve a conflict in a very appropriate and caring manner. He illustrated excellent problem solving skills and empathy for others. Please encourage him to keep up the good work!

For his good work, he earned $50 in "class cash" - which can allow him to earn extra privileges. I think this stuff is the BEST news of all this week.


  1. Life is a journey with so many stumbling blocks. Isn't it nice when a rock comes through your window with a nice note attached from school? Hope you get a car soon. My daughter's roof, washer and dryer and A/C blew in a week.

  2. wow, lots of stuff happening at Casa Cleaver. But yeah on the new microwave and I will keep my fingers crossed the the new car.

  3. Rosanna Dana Dana: "It's always sum'in"

  4. The last part is the best!! I'm over in KC, KS and was wondering how you made it through the weather in St. Louis. I hope it's not as bad today. Stay safe.

  5. Thank you for taking all the crappy weather from us recently. It's really a charming thing for you to do. What a roller coaster ride with the car/microwave this week. Happy to hear your son is continuing to thrive at the new school!

  6. That last part was the best. And I'm so glad that you were spared by that awful weather. I saw that footage of what happened at the st Lois airport and thought of you.


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