April 11, 2011

Missouri Writers' Guild Conference...Oh, What Fun! Really!

I had a marvy time at the Missouri Writers' Guild Conference!

The most amazingly weird thing occurred when I walked up to the registration table? 

"Hi, June Freaking Cleaver!"

Now, some folks know my REAL name (in case you thought JFC was on my Social Security card...it is not).

Now for MY turn at name-dropping! Disclaimer: Please forgive me if I didn't include you in the list that follows. I took no notes, so I'm sure I probably forgot someone's name. That doesn't mean that I forgot YOU!

I met interesting writer-type people. Despite my normally shy nature, I was friendly. I approached strangers...and perhaps made a few friends.

Vicki Rocho, a blogger/writer from Iowa, was lovely. Please check out Rambles & Randomness.

I got to see Linda O'Connell, who writes Write From the Heart and Lynn Obermoeller, from Present Letters fame. Becky Povich, president of Saturday Writers, always makes me smile! Donna, from Donna's Book Pub, greeted me as she rushed by to the next panel discussion. Donna and I both have stories in the anthology, A Shaker of Margaritas: Hot Flash Mommas.

I met Kristina Makanski and Jamey Stegmaier from Blank Slate Press...and I decided, on my own, that I'm just not ready for THAT step yet. 

Linda S. Fisher, from Mozark Press (the publisher of A Shaker of Margaritas), said she liked my submission for the Cougars on the Prowl edition, but that it needs dialogue.

I need to get better with dialogue.

I met Faye and Bill Davis, who, like me, are members of the Writers' Society of Jefferson County. I'm sure I'll get to see them at future meetings.

I learned lots...and realized that I have much to learn.

Kristin Nelson, literary agent, read submissions from "the slush pile" - and pointed out, in a firm, honest and yet, loving way, things that would cause her to reject a writer's work.

I hope I can remember all that she said. 

Margo Dill told us how to find inspiration and time to writer for periodicals. Margo is an editor at WOW! Women on Writing, and has her own editing business, Editor 911.

I participated in Open Mic, and read the beginning to a story I'm working on. A hole did NOT appear in the floor; the sky did not fall. Sure, my voice wavered, this was scary stuff for me. But I felt so encouraged!

I wished I had had a business card. I'm such a slacker on that self-promotional stuff.

I wished I'd worked harder at my writing. 

But now, freshly prodded and encouraged, I am ready to take this whole writing and submitting stuff more seriously.

My first stop, blogwise? Funds for Writers, by C. Hope Clark. She is marvel in organization, and provides a wealth of knowledge about writing contests and opportunities.

And when I'm feeling a lack of confidence, or am unmotivated? I'll remember the theme for this conference:



  1. How exciting for you. Makes me want to go to something like that if there is ever one here. You rock.

  2. Hi JFC!! I'm SO happy you enjoyed the conference and that you even read at Open Mic! Awesome!!! And hey, thanks for the shout out and compliment. That truly means a lot to me, to hear that I make you smile! :)
    And gosh yes.....I don't think any of us writers ever need to quit learning more about writing, and/or have all the confidence we would ever want! Like you said, we all need to remember to Just Write!

  3. Sometimes it is so hard to "Just Write." My degree in college was English with an emphasis on Poetry and Creative Writing. It was always so hard to "just write" because I wanted my writing to be perfect the first time.
    I'm glad you had fun at the conference!

  4. Your work will be out there before you realize it. I recognize great writing!

  5. Nice blog post "June"! I never would have thought you to be shy. I'm shy. I think you're more outgoing than me. I need to post about the conference. Talk about slacker!

  6. Oh yeah, and OMG you read at an Open Mic! I can't do that!

  7. Sounds amazing and fun and inspiring. I'm so proud of you for reading your story! That takes courage!!!

  8. What a great time! I keep telling myself that I need to get involved in some kind of writerly enterprise, but I keep putting it off...

  9. You read at open mic? I'm so bummed I missed it! Next year I'll work up the courage to join you.

    Thanks for the shout out. I'm doing my roll call tomorrow (breaking my MWF posting schedule already, tsk tsk)


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