April 07, 2011

My Latest Adventure Outside My Comfort Zone

I'm a wee bit stressed out today. Part of me wants to remain holed up at the Cleaver Compound.

Instead, this weekend, I will venture far, far outside my comfort zone - I'm attending the Missouri Missouri Writers' Guild Conference.

Thanks to all of the positive comments from a previous post about the angst I felt about attending, I have put on my big girl panties and plan on having a wonderful time!

Among the activities I'm participating in is one that has me quaking in my Crocs - I'm going to pitch a book idea to a publisher.

Scary stuff.

I'm focusing my efforts on Blank Slate Press, a late addition to the list of available agents and publishers.

Don't you love that name? Since I've never attempted anything as big as writing an entire novel, I AM, in fact, starting from a blank slate. Blank Slate Press seems an appropriate place to start from. From what I read on their web site, they are interested in new, unpublished writers from the St. Louis area. They are willing to nurture a writer along the journey from start to finish - from idea inception to publication.

Sounds like they would be a good fit for me. Now I just have to convince them of that fact.

Not knowing how to pitch a story, I relied on my stellar Google search skills, and came up with this handy link:

How to Pitch Your Book at a Writing Conference

I'm doing my prep work now, and hope to be ready to shine when my time comes.

I hope I get to see some of my fellow bloggers and writers' guild members there!

I'll be back to blogging after I return home and have time to reflect on all that I've learned.


  1. How exciting! Have a blast, learn a lot, schmooze, but most of all, HAVE FUN! Oh...and try Imo's Pizza. :)

  2. Good luck with the conference! I followed you back from Connor's mum's page. Love your blog and now being one of your beautiful people!

  3. That sounds awesome! Good for you for going for it. I wish I could write and stuff, or had ideas about things, but nope, nada. So you go girl, with your ideas and yer fancy writin'!!!

  4. I am SO happy you are attending this conference!! I will definitely see you there, I'm sure. Congrats and good for you on taking on the exciting and nerve wracking task of pitching your book!!! Yay, June!! You've come a long way, Baby!! :)

  5. Best wishes.. that is so exciting! I love the name Blank Slate Press(like a tabula rasa)... Crossing my fingers for you... PITCH em a fastball and wow them with your writing. You go girl:)

  6. I'll be there too! Look forward to meeting some of you in real life.

  7. So so excited for you. Blank Slate sounds like it is a perfect fit!

  8. Kudos to you, gutsy June! I wish you well at the conference. I would love to go, but the timing is not right for me. Can't wait to hear all about it! Love the name "Blank Slate!"

  9. Was so great to meet you at MWG! I had a fantastic time and can't believe how many wonderful people I met.


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