April 18, 2011

A Poem that The Mister Should Never Read

April, in addition to being the end of income tax season, Autism Awareness month and Mathematics Awareness month, is also Poetry month. It's already the 18th, and I haven't yet composed a poem...until now.

April 18, 2011 5:01 PM

My seasonal job now comes to an end
I'm through with completing 1040s, my friends
No more complaints of "how much do I owe?"
Or sighs, which mean "My money - where did it go?"

No more deductions on Schedule A
All of you clients can now go away!
For now I'll stay home and return to my life
Of disinterested housekeeper and bumbling wife

Searching for a new job can be such a bore
Employment that hopefully can pay me much more
Than the pittance I got making taxpayers groan
And answering their tax questions all day, on the phone

Now I'll sleep when I want, and cook like a pro
Since I have so few errands, and nowhere to go
I'll dress like a bum and read blogs through the day
And generally loaf when The Mister's away

He'll think I worked hard when he comes back to town
Never suspecting the nonsense that's been going down
I'll charm him with tales of my week's long list of chores
That I'll do twenty minutes 'fore he walks in the door!

 Shhh...don't tell him, okay?


  1. Love this! I do the same thing sometimes with my days. Lazy all day in front of the computer until right before the husband comes home. Then I make the bed and put away the laundry.

  2. great job. I hate tax time. Just sayin. :)

  3. That is really cute. Love it.

  4. With a few minor changes, this could be the story of my days too! Ssshhhh...I won't tell the Mister if you don't tell Mr. Jenners.

  5. Your secret is safe with me! Great poem, really fun. I wrote a poem for today's post too!

  6. As long as it gets done, does it really matter WHEN? hahahaha. Enjoy your temporary retirement!


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