April 12, 2011

Saturday Centus - 04/09/11 - The Better Late Than Never Edition

I'm giving Jenny Matlock's latest Saturday Centus a whirl. Yes, I realize I'm late in submitting - and don't, for one moment, think that by being late that my contribution is going to be extra-spectacular or anything, ok?

As always, Jenny provides a  prompt (in bold text, below), and using a maximum of 100 words, we are to craft a creative response. Oh, and it has to be PG-rated, as there are kids in the room. 

Time for an Intervention
My husband just had to build a ship. Now I’m stuck below deck as storms rage above me.

I want to see dry land. I want to walk on solid ground. 

Do you know how hard it is to prepare a meal when this big hulk pitches and rolls in the waves?

And who takes care of the kids and other creatures (that just seemed to appear out of nowhere)?

Me, that’s who.

Need I mention the stench?

HE keeps saying, “April showers bring May flowers.”

“Noah, shut up! After forty days and forty nights, can’t you come up with something better?”


  1. Awesome. I LOVE what you did with the prompt. And yes, I can just see how the man who loaded up the ship was the one looking out and daydreaming while the Mrs. took care of it all!

  2. HA! I like that you took a cliche and found a way to poke fun at it. Then what to May flowers bring?

  3. Very good job ! I love it that you took the humorous route with what must have been for Noah and his family a harrowing and very busy 40 days and nights !!!

  4. hahahahahaha ..... good ole Noah!! That was fun.

  5. Great spin on an old tale!

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  6. This is a wonderful take on this week's prompt! And it's very well written. Thanks.


  7. June! Holy cow, girl! This was the most wonderfully, creative and original take on this prompt!

    You are world class, JFC!

    I am a fan!


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