April 22, 2011

You Are Only Young Once...

You are only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely.  ~Ogden Nash

I'm definitely still living with immaturity as a driving force, even though today, I grow another year older. 

I know I'm not young any more (youth is wasted on children), but I don't feel old, either...until I think of all the presidents who have served in my lifetime.

Eisenhower, 2nd term
Kennedy (not a full term) *
Johnson (not a full term) *
Nixon, 2nd term
Ford (not a full term) *
Reagan, 2nd term
G. H. W. "Papa" Bush
Clinton, 2nd term
Gore (only on election night in 2000) *
G. W. Bush
G. W. Bush, 2nd term

* Like mentioning it wasn't a full term somehow lessens the blow of how ancient I really am.

NOW, I feel old.

And two of the birthday cards I received only reinforced my feeling that I've already crested the hill, and am on the down side. 

From my brother Gary and his wife, Nancy:

Inside text:


It's your birthday!
Are you up for it?

It frightens me to see how closely my shape resembles the woman in the card - except that I can assuredly tuck my breasts into the waistband of my slacks.

And I'm sure that The Mister would want you to know that he has no need for pharmaceuticals, if you catch my drift.

From my daughter Erin and her husband, Daryl:

Inside text:

Don't worry, it'll be over in a flash.

I also received a lovely, non-age-related card from my brother Stan and his wife, Nancy (Nancy also celebrates her birthday today).

I feel so loved (and so old).

And yes, I do have two sisters-in-law named Nancy. They both rock!

I expect to feel even more decrepit in June, when my daughter Shannon turns THIRTY-FIVE, and in November, when my daughter Erin turns THIRTY-THREE!

And when The Boy turns SIXTEEN in July, I'll ponder my 35 CONSECUTIVE years of active duty motherhood, and wonder WHEN WILL THIS NIGHTMARE END?

Not really. 

I'll be too busy lobbying in the Missouri Legislature to change the driving age to thirty. The drivers, passengers and pedestrians of the Show-Me State are not ready for The Boy to be behind the wheel yet.

In related birthday news, granddaughter Desiree turns FOURTEEN on Sunday!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You're only as old as you feel and clearly, you don't feel old at all!

    I love the psycho dwarf in the card :-)

  2. Well,, A Big Ole Happy Birthday to you Ms. Cleaver. If I had of known earlier, i might have baked you a cake..reckon? lol

  3. Happy Birthday,JFC!! I hate to admit it, but I've been through the exact same presidents as you. :o
    In my mind, I'm still about 35, but my body keeps reminding me differently, too! Hope you have a fabulous day!

  4. Well I'd have never thunk it! We have had the same presidential lineup. You look younger.
    The only hazard of being this age is OUR driving...getting our boobs caught in the lap belt. Happy Birthday, Kim.

  5. Happy Freakin' Birthday, June! Fast Eddie's on me at some futre date, okay?

    Like Becky, above, I, too, am 35 in my head (although sometimes I regress to 18) and the body fights every stinking 35 year-old vision that I have! At least we still have enough mind to laugh at ourselves.

    Kudos to The Boy, for keeping you young and on your toes. Your girls are your girlfriends now, and I would be flattered if some "real" 35 year- old wanted to hang with me!

    Hope you have a great Birthday!

  6. Hey Happy Belated Birthday! Don't you just hate those snarky age cards? I like to send them but receiving them? Not so much!


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