May 10, 2011

Dirty Words Still Make Me Laugh

Since we don't have cable, I satisfy my TV habit online - usually a day after a program airs.

Unfortunately, commercials (which appear at ear-splitting volumes) are an added bonus to my viewing.

The following commercial makes me laugh...every time.

I'm immature...I can't help it.

Listen carefully at about the 25 second mark - is the photographer screaming "FOCUS!"...or something naughty?



  1. June! HAHAHAH!! That's great! Thanks for the share!

  2. you naughty girl. I think you just wanted to hear the naughty word. :)

  3. LOL and funnier still? I watched the whole damn thing. Now I want ice cream. But I don't feel like getting up and my minions are all asleep. sigh

  4. Sounds like a naughty word to me. What a strange commercial for ICE CREAM!


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