May 18, 2011

Forbidden Love: A Short Story

Recently, I read a review of The Paperbark Shoe, a novel by Goldie Goldbloom. The story is about forbidden love. On the author's website, she has a contest link (but no date, so I don't know if I missed the deadline).

From the site:
What is worse? To love that which is forbidden or never to love at all?
Write a story about forbidden love. The writers of the two best stories (as chosen by Goldie) will receive two signed paperback editions of The Paperbark Shoe (one for you, and one for a friend).

Within the deadline or not, I decided to give the contest a whirl. Here's my short story (written - and temporarily, lost - during the Blogger Debacle of May 2011):

Forbidden Love
Elayne would not be denied; she would have him. From the first time she saw him in Wal-Mart that March afternoon, he occupied her thoughts during the day. She had a surefire plan to get him.

She knew he was taboo. But once she sighted him, she found that he kept turning up in many of the stores she shopped in. Was he stalking her? Did he want her, too? His bright blue eyes stared as she walked past, she felt a shiver go up her spine (and a longing sensation in her abdomen). She wanted to possess him, to devour him. 

She saw him again on Good Friday, when she was picking up her prescription for insulin at the pharmacy. She smiled at him, but he merely stared. Elayne assumed that he must be a man of few words. His name tag read ‘Peter C.’ Now she knew who she was desiring. Even though he was bad for her, she still wanted him badly.

Saturday night, her dreams were filled with Peter’s image, ensuring that she woke up Easter Sunday in a good mood. She walked about the house quietly. Her husband, Paul, was sleeping in his recliner. Elayne walked into the kitchen to start the coffeemaker. “Peter, what are you doing here?”, she shrieked. 

The object of her desire sat at the table, inside a cellophane-wrapped basket. Peter Cottontail (solid chocolate) would be hers!


  1. oh you sly fox. that was a very good short story.

  2. Too bad you missed the deadline ... you woulda been a contenda!


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