May 02, 2011

I AM the Master of My Domain (Mon. thru Thurs. 7:15 AM - 4:00 PM)

The Mister is back at work (after being at home since last Tuesday); The Boy is back at school.

I am once again in charge it should be.

In my first full week of unemployment, and without a working automobile, I was trapped at home had some time on my hands.

Sure, I still goofed off. I got caught up on all my online TV viewing. But that wasn't all...

I cleaned. I know, it goes against all the beliefs I hold dear, but I couldn't stand the mess anymore. The living room and kitchen now look rather spiffy.

More rooms need attention. And I'll eventually get to them, once I rest up.

I cooked cream of mushroom soup from scratch. It was delicious, but not perfect...yet. I'll be perfecting the recipe I used in the weeks to come.

I read two books last week:

And I started a third:

There's now no more danger of fires from the microwave, as our new, fully operational model arrived on Friday:

And before we got to cook elaborate meals in it, a burly fireman knocked on our front door and told us that we needed to evacuate to the bottom of the hill.

An overeager grass cutter ran into a gas line. It provided us with the perfect opportunity to go shopping for a new mop.

Yes, I'm that lame.

Saturday, people wearing hard hats were roaming through our yards and taking soil samples. This was NOT due to the previous day's gas leak; the soil samples were taken to test for lead, from possible contamination from a lead smelter about a mile or so away. You can read that story here.

Do we know how to pick a neighborhood, or what?

I also received an email informing me that a story I submitted for a A Pitcher of Margaritas: Cougars on the Prowl anthology has been accepted for publishing later this year.


I have never been a cougar, but I've had an "interesting" dating life, and like to make up stuff.

Since I cleaned, I thought it was safe to show you a picture of my new mini-digs (aka the Woman Grotto).

This lamp makes it too fancy to call it a 'Cave' (though it does look dark enough in the pics):

I know it's not as cool as Vicki Rocho's Harry Potter office, but I'll take it.

I now have a place to write and use the laptop (when it's back in town with The Mister). From my swivel office chair, I can still guard the refrigerator, or turn around to keep an eye on The Boy, who is usually seated here:

Don't be a hater because I get to listen to a varied assortment of cartoon music coupled by peals of maniacal laughter while The Boy sits at the computer.

Yes, I'm that lucky.

I get occasional dirty looks when I sit in my chair:

I still think she's plotting to kill me...just like that other time.

Sunday, after Grandpa duty, I took granddaughter Desiree on an already promised birthday shopping trip. Accompanying us were her friends Brittany and Jessica. It's been ages since I've spent a day with teenage girls. We had fun, and they think I'm the best Grandma ever.

When I asked Desi what her favorite gift was, she said "all of them!"

And while I was gone? No domestic disasters occurred at the Cleaver compound. The clean rooms were STILL clean, and The Mister had a big pot of homemade hot and sour soup ready for me.


It's good to be the Princess.


  1. OK I love your corner or woman grotto.. If I EVER get my newcomputer working.. that is a whole other story all by itself. I am enjoying the peace and quiet of being in the house alone as well. Isn't it nice

  2. I'm sooooooo jealous!!! I have to share everything. My grotto is a little corner in the living room, but when I try to hide out, they always find me!

    Congrats on your story! Can't wait to read it!

  3. Can I come over to your house? It looks inviting. I also won't step on any Legos. Will I?

  4. I love your little corner of the world. and congrats on being published!!!! you rock. Told you you were a great inspiration for me.

  5. So much good stuff but super YAY for getting your story published!!!! You rock!!!

  6. Congrats, dear June! Another publication!! Awesome! Pretty soon you'll have way more than the rest of us. And how fun to see a bit of your world! LOVE the fru-fru lamp. (is that how you spell Fru-Fru??) Enjoy your alone time! I toally understand!

  7. So my cleaning list at my house is rather long, ya wanna start on it for me?


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