May 09, 2011

I'm Not a Doctor, But I Play One (Badly) on Facebook

This past Friday, Desiree posted something on Facebook about being sick:

Stuck at home sick/: dr. Appt at 1:15 . It feels like my heads about to blow up though.
My Facebook diagnosis? A sinus infection, or allergies (pollen and mold are quite high right now).
More symptoms are mentioned: I don't know cause my throat hurts and it hurts to move and breathe. 
Her next update says that she has a fever of 101.3, and that she's going to Children's Hospital, they think it may be her appendix.
It was.
Here's a pic of her in the ER. Her caption? Owww, Charlie (whatever that means).
Friday evening, she had an appendectomy, and was home Saturday evening.
At one point, she posted that she was at Children's Hospital NICU. I told her what NICU meant, and asked her who just had a baby.
Her response: Ohh.
Even before the surgery, she posted pics of herself in the ER.
After the surgery? Lovely images of her "boo boos".
I saw her yesterday, she had laid claim to the couch in the living room, and was wielding the Wii remote to check out Netflix movies. She's still in some pain, and isn't getting up and moving around yet.
I guess she took the doctor's admonishment of "no physical activity" seriously. 
Tomorrow will be her first test - she'll be on her own, and will not have anyone to do her bidding, or help her get off the couch.
I told her to call me tomorrow if she needs anything. 
It would take me twenty minutes to get to her (if the car makes it) - if it's for a bathroom visit, I'm hoping mom buys her Depends this evening.
I am going to limit my ailment diagnoses to grainy cell phone photos and telephone from now on...ailments on Facebook are apparently beyond my scope of knowledge.


  1. Ok I would have said the same thing. Since when did your appendix cause all that other stuff?? Poor thing I hope she bounces back soon.

  2. Misery loves company; go sit with her and complain about your aches and pains :)
    Who'd have thought a headache would have something to do with appendix? But then sometimes the pain in zabutt is caused by a man or kid, so go figure.

  3. you sound like me. giving my thoughts on the diagnosis.

  4. I thought your diagnosis sounded totally reasonable. I'm a total hypochondriac so if you friend me on FB, you'll will get a lot more practice at making diagnoses based on FB statuses.

  5. Well, at least you didn't try to perform the surgery!


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