May 24, 2011

A Name Change May Be Necessary

Strange things have been happening around here.

True, strange things always happen - but I'm talking REALLY strange.

I'm talking CLEANING.


I seem to have been bitten by some Good Housekeeping bug. I knew that magazine was nothing but trouble.

For the past several weeks, the house has been cleaned, and staying clean.

You could eat off the kitchen floor - but there's no need for that drastic measure, because all the dishes are done and put away.

Our bed is made everyday. I think even the sheets are scared, covered up by the comforter like that.

I know I'm spooked by this turn of events.

I find myself wandering from room to room, looking for things that need to be put away.

I'm dusting and shining and de-cluttering and straightening up during the day. I'll be goofing off online and suddenly, have an urge to tidy something. Maybe I'm coming down with an illness - yet I have no fever.

I will quit playing Facebook games to clean!

I'm hoping it's just a phase, and nothing more serious (or permanent).

I've spent so much time with my beloved Dy that I think we might truly be an item (sorry, Mister).

My bathroom fixtures and I are frequent companions. I lovingly swish and swipe and shine. 

I've even sucked The Mister and The Boy into my nightmare - they are doing more around the house, too.

Do I need an intervention? This being in control makes me feel so out of control. It's like I've lost my inner procrastinator.

I figured I reached a critical level when I ordered MORE purple rags from Fly Lady on Sunday. I suddenly love purple.

I can just see how this is going to go - next, it'll be poufy dust ruffles and dotted swiss.
I'm scared. I want to buy curtains. I want to organize closets and color coordinate bathroom accessories. I want throw pillows, dammit! 

 Help me.

I may just need to change my name to June Freaking Cleaver CLEANER if this behavior continues.


  1. Well June Cleaver's house was neat and tidy so the name works.. But if you are getting bored I will gladly have you over to work here. I hate cleaning alone..

  2. June, tell me what you've been drinking, or eating. I need some of it!

  3. STEP....AWAY....FROM....THE....CLEANING....SUPPLIES. Do it now. You are scaring me. I think you have a severe case of cleaningitis. Help is on the way.

  4. our house is for sale so we have to keep it clean all the time and it's freaking me out. i think people come in and ask, "does anyone actually LIVE here?" that's how clean it is.

  5. You must be pregnant and 'nesting'.

  6. I was going to say the same thing as Linda....or you can come over and clean mine. It'll keep you busy for days....

  7. No, say it isn't so! I like bloggers who are slackers - like me!
    I actually do clean. I really do. YOu'd just never know it, because the gremlins come right behind me and make messes!

  8. LOL I had the same thought as Linda O'Connell!! :D

    Enjoy your clean house! I'm totally jealous!!

  9. Who is this person and what have you done with June?????


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