May 12, 2011

Poetic Asides: When I Wasn't Paying Attention

Robert Lee Brewer of Poetic Asides provided today's prompt: When You Weren't Paying Attention

Life Goes On
Somehow, along the way
I must have lost my focus
While living life, day by day.
When I wasn't paying attention
My daughters became women,
One a mother now, both are wives.

While I was working and paying the bills
They went on with their lives -
When I was doing laundry or making the bed
My son, he grew taller than me, by more than a head.
He's not a little boy, he'll soon be a man
Careful observation, that was part of my plan.

But I failed in my task, and I missed many times
As the seasons changed, kids went from reciting rhymes
To work of their own, and paying their bills.
Had I been watching, I'd have urged them to stay still
Little children who needed me, and wanted my time
"Pay attention to me, mommy!", I heard all the time.

But trivial things often got in my way,
and I found myself wishing their childhoods away.
Be careful what you wish for, it may just come true.
Now I sit, all alone, with no mothering to do.


  1. This was fantastic. You really write poetry that speaks to me. Love it.

  2. Oh, so bittersweet! And oh so true! I want to grab onto a huge emergency brake....and stop the world, put it in reverse, and go Back to the Future!
    Marvelous poem!


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