May 07, 2011

Saturday Centus - 05/07/11 - Beginning On a Sour Note

When I read Jenny Matlock's prompt for Saturday Centus this morning, it did not inspire me to write - in fact, it only made me thirsty. Said prompt appears below, in bold text.

As usual, we have a maximum of 100 words with which to craft a story. 

Beginning On a Sour Note

The bell just rang. I stand in front of a room of surly adolescents. They don’t want to be here; I can read the disinterest in their postures – shoulders slumped forward, elbows on their desks (if they’re even awake). I used to love my job, my classes filled with kids who loved music, as I do.

My world changed when the order for mandatory music appreciation in K – 12 came through.

And to think, it all started with the inaugural speech on January 20.

“I’d like to teach the world to sing.”

Thanks a lot, President Mariah Carey.


  1. LOL! That wasn't too bad for someone who didn't feel inspired, in fact it's great!

  2. Great job ! When you have talent, your can always write something good and enjoyable...loved this !

  3. Well said. It seems every year there is something new mandated, and the real learning process by teachers gets bogged down with bureaucracy. (it happens in Canada too)

  4. heehee

    Always a fresh take on the prompt from you, June!


    PS. I messed up on posting my link this week, so here it is:
    A Vocal Vocation

  5. hahahaha. Mariah Carey. hahahaha. You always amaze me. And on another note. How in the heck do you get yours done so early.

  6. Wahahahahah Ihope I live long enough to see a woman run this country. Maybe then their will be no more wars. Maybe Arts and Crafts contest! Heehee! Well, one can dream.~Ames

  7. O freakin' M G!!!! what a terrifying thought ... not the music bit ... the you know who bit!!!

  8. I found your blog over at Vicki Rocho's and the name June Freaking Clever made me JUMP over! So much fun!!!

    LOVED This post!!! What a cute way to get the mojo going!!! I'm about to go work on my 250 words for the day :)

    Nice meeting you!

  9. God save us all should this come to pass.

  10. I'd vote for Mariah Carey over Donald Trump ANY DAY!!!

  11. I wonder who she'd pick for a running mate. Shudder. This was really fun. I also like the fact that the prompt made you thirsty! It's all good stuff.

  12. Oh, Junie....(you probably DON'T want to be referred to THAT way, do you?!) As always, you're a riot!! And hey...Happy Mother's Day!!!!

  13. JFC! Love, love, love this! When you said presidency I went, 'huh?" and then I laughed.

    Your wit and clever writing style is so cool.

    I am a fan! Love the way you write, girl.

  14. Way to go! And finally a lady president! Oh YES!

  15. This is LOL funny, and laugh I did! Thanks.


  16. Very funny! I always wonder what it would be like to be a music teacher. My children have perhaps one of the world's best music teachers, who uses the suzuki-method. But she teaches pupils who have elected to take music lessons. I can't imagine the difficulty in trying to teach all children, even those who have no interest in music.

    Thank you so much for you keen observations and kind words about my SC-text. Music has many uses.

    Best wishes & hugs,
    For the benefit of other readers:

    Anna's SC-53-Sanna finds her voice


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