May 16, 2011

Seth Turns Three and Shows Off His Mad Bowling Skillz!

Yesterday was grandson Seth's 3rd birthday. He had an awesome party at a local bowling alley.

 Here's Seth chilling out for his official "look how big I am compared to this alligator" birthday photo.

 His bowling cake. This boy loves to bowl!

 The Mister trying out his hand at pool, thus ending any further association with Minnesota Fats.

Here's Mom (Tammy) hanging out in the Pregnant section of the facility. She looks amazing! Only thirty-five (35) days from her expected due date for Baby Russ!

Seth showing his awesome bowling follow-through stance!

Daddy Frank made Seth his own bowling ball cake. He did an awesome job! Seth eyed the cake longingly while he sang along to 'Happy Birthday to You'.

Seth is such a great kid, and I'm sure he'll be a wonderful big brother to Baby Russ!


  1. He is precious! I'm intriqued that he likes to bowl so early. They must have little kids bowling balls. And that cake is soooo clever. Happy Birthday to Seth!

  2. so freaking cute. I love 3 year olds. they are so fun.

  3. That bowling bowl cake is amazing!!!

  4. Yes, that bowling ball cake is so amazing!! How did he get it to look like that?? Did you make the other cake too? Looks like he had a great birthday

  5. Super cute! I love the bowling ball cake. How do you make a round cake like that? I'm so impressed. And he is a real cutie and I'm sure he'll be a terrific big brother.

  6. He's a cutie and yes, that bowling cake is spectacular!


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