June 18, 2011

Book Blurb Friday - 06/17/11

Time again for Book Blurb Friday, hosted at Writing in the Buff.

The goal?

Using the chosen photo, write a book jacket blurb of no more than 150 words. Tell the story behind the book cover photo.

This week's photo (supplied by Sioux Roslawski):

The Sweet Life: How Chocolate Lovers Rescue an American Town from Decadence
by Demi Glace

When gambling was legalized in Pennsylvania, nobody dreamed that Sylvester "Two Bit" Frundkeller would change Hershey, Pennsylvania (a bucolic chocolate lover's fantasy town) into Vegas East. In no time, Hershey Kiss streetlamps were replaced by dice-shaped globes. The once picturesque rolling hills, home to dairy farms whose milk is a key ingredient in Hershey's confections, soon was steamrolled into a landscape dotted with casinos, pawn shops and neon.

What was once a wholesome blue-collar town soon became a den of fast living and shattered dreams. Local citizens were fearful that all was lost once The Milton Hershey School (an institution serving underprivileged children for generations) was transformed into the Bovine Bordello.

Unexpected heroes emerge...

Throngs of premenstrual women travel down the Hershey Highway to take the town back – and they won’t stop until they’re confident that we’ll always be able to get our domestic chocolate fix.


  1. I love, love, love the image of an angry mob of premenstrual women. And "demi glace." And "Bovine Bordello." Excellent blurb, June!

  2. Well, June, you have a fall-back career writing book jacket blurbs. I found myself wishing it were a real book! And like Sioux, I love the image of all that PMS energy charging into town.


  3. Haha! This is awesome! I picture it as a movie and the music video for the theme song will resemble Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats" with all kinds of explosions going on behind these really angry females. LOL You started off strong and kept going. Bovine Bordello cracked me up. Great way to begin my day!

  4. Having just visited Hershey, PA, I found this even funnier!! Brilliant! And it reminds me I need to get back into this meme.

  5. I just noticed your top photo of Russell Finn. What a doll! He's beautiful. Congratulations!


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