June 24, 2011

Book Blurb Friday - 06/24/11

Lisa Ricard Claro is challenging us, once again, to write a 150-word book jacket blurb. Our pictorial inspiration this week comes from Sandra Davies.

Broken Hearts and Busted Transmissions: Love Amongst the Ruins (The Dirt Road Romance Series) 
by Millicent Amory

Audrina McArdle had fallen on hard times, still paying her lawyer two years after her divorce. The only thing she owned free and clear was the car she got in the divorce settlement.

That red De Soto was Audrina’s scarlet letter. It let everyone in Podunk know that she was poor, and had no man around to make repairs. At least once a week, she could be found at the side of the road as the car broke down again and again. 

She was becoming quite chummy with Cliff Sanders, the owner of Meadows Automotive Towing and Scrap Yard. His chiseled good looks and well-muscled frame made her dizzy with desire. When Cliff passionately kissed her in the front seat of his 1996 Peterbuilt 330, she thought her luck might be changing. 

Could Cliff repair both her car and her broken heart? Would love find her at the scrap yard?


  1. Well I certainly hope so! (Unless the grease-covered, spanner-wielding mechanic glowering at them from the back of the workshop has other ideas)

    I love the idea of a whole series of 'Dirt Road Romances'

  2. Chiseled good looks and well-muscled frames would make me dizzy, too. I hope he really is a good guy. (Is there a double meaning to Peterbuilt?)
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. I love the title. And the fact that you could squeeze a romance out of the photo!

    If that little cherub is your grandson (or nephew, etc.), congratulations. He is a doll!

  4. The front seat of his 1996 Peterbilt, huh? LOL I love romance, so I'd buy it for that AND the "Dirt Road Romance" promise of some great tongue-in-cheek humor. :)

  5. Love can blossom in the most unlikely of places so I hope Audrina has some good luck for a change;-)
    Love the baby - such a little sweetie.

  6. I can related to this a little too well...except for the chiseled tow truck guy. But this gives me something to hope for! Love this quirky romance. Am still giggling at Kay's comment.

  7. Oh, very cool! These two deserve a break, though I somehow feel all will not follow a straight road to romance as we might imagine.

    I enjoy a good love story and would happily read your Dirt Road Romance Series. Well done...:)

  8. Oh oh....I sense a thriller love romance here. Yes indeed...piqued my interest!!!

    thanks for stopping by my blurb and leaving a flattering comment. those are the best kind.

    happy weekend.

  9. Oh, this one is funny!! (And I want to read it!)

  10. Can I just say that this sounds like a REAL book? Seriously!

  11. It seems like a dream come true - what could possibly go wrong? I guess there would be a whole book to find out!!

    Great blurb - It would make me open the cover!

  12. All she got from the divorce was a broken car? I think she should stop making payments to that lawyer!

    Sounds like romance is blooming - or at least a few free car repairs.


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