June 13, 2011

The Boy Attends His First Kegger!

It's graduation party season! The Boy (along with The Mister, myself, and grandson Eli) attended a classmate's party on Sunday.

It was a keg party.

Imagine, a swimming pool full of rowdy young men.

Frivolity reigned.

The tap on the keg was getting a lot of use in between pool splashing marathons.

One young man remembered The Boy from camp last year (though The Boy did not remember HIM - he's lousy with that eye contact/facial recognition stuff).

The grownups left the kids to their own devices - it was one day where we feigned disinterest in our children's behavior (though we still watched them like hawks).

You could tell which parents had no kids with special needs - they were the ones facing AWAY from the pool. The rest of us? Watching every move, waiting for inappropriate behavior, or a possible meltdown.

The boys who ate - ate with the same speed and gusto The Boy displays (not saying that's a good thing, but he's not alone in his disgusting habits).

In our two hour visit, I failed to see anyone go off the deep end, behavior-wise (to use a pool metaphor).

Must have been something in that keg...besides root beer.

The Boy's Summer Program starts next Monday - so he'll be seeing most of his classmates soon. He's happy about that - last night, when he went to bed, he yelled, "Hey, Mom - are you sure school doesn't start tomorrow?"


  1. Hey June, it's June and most kids are complaining they have nothing to do. Be happy yours WANTS to go to school. Keg party? I was wondering what you were going to report about you and the hubby. Then I read, rootbeer, you tricker!

  2. From NoExcuses:

    Sounds like a fun day! What a great idea for an underage party for boys! When you first said "kegger" I immediately thought, "oh, boy, she's gonna have her hands full!" So glad he is excited about school, too!

    Funny post! Enjoy the rain!

  3. That is my kind of kegger. (seriously. It is. I hate beer.) And I think it is great how much the Boy's attitude toward school has changed. Bravo!

  4. I'm so glad that he loved his new school. My oldest granddaughter cried her last day of school. she just loved it so much. (and no, she didn't get it from me)


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