June 15, 2011

Color Me Bummed

I'm finally doing some actual fiction writing (2,000 words or so tonight), and I'm using Open Office Writer. 

I move my cursor, and the entire file freezes. Can't do a thing. 

I don't write on paper. I just sit and type, and words form sentences. Sentences form paragraphs. Paragraphs turn into pages.

Five pages of work...kaput.

Does anyone else use Open Office Writer? Is there a solution? Does Open Office Writer save documents periodically? I haven't been able to locate my unnamed document in any folder so far.

Am I totally screwed?

The one time I try to write something serious (that might even be a wee bit o' good), and this is the result.

Color me bummed.

Curse you, Open Office Writer!


  1. That would tick me off. Vent about it. Visit my blog to see your award. if you are too busy (trying to retrieve documents) I understand.

  2. hmmm I have open office writer. I can't rightly say if it saves or not. I've never noticed.

  3. I have never heard of it but perhaps you want to check out Google Docs. It is free software that is kind of like Microsoft stuff but without being Microsoft. Good luck finding it!


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