June 21, 2011

I Can't Feel the Love When Your Mouth is Running

The politicians have started their nonsense already. Potential nominees for higher office have to distinguish themselves as being a winner even before the actual race begins. I find this jockeying for position (so far from the starting gate) very annoying - by the time 2012 begins, I'll be so sick of it all, maybe I won't even bother to vote (not really, but it felt good to type that).

Even outside of politics, the puffery runs rampant.

Have you ever listened to someone who thinks they know everything? They are the presumed experts in every conversation, and don't hesitate to let you know it.

You know the type. Name a subject, and they've done it - better than everyone else. 

Ask them how they'd solve a problem and first, they'll tell you how it's being done completely wrong by others...but never quite get to a viable solutions themselves.  


Relate an experience, and they've been there, done that, received the Nobel Prize.

You'd think someone with all those abilities would also be able to muster humility when dealing with us lesser beings.

But that isn't the case.

They take great pleasure in tearing down others' accomplishments. They never met a person they admire, other than the perfect face they see in the mirror each day.

And with all their blustery pontifications, they somehow think that we'll fall in love with them too.

And yet, I find that the opposite happens for me.

The more they boast, playing for the crowd, the less esteem I can muster for them...until I only hear "blah blah blah" when they speak.

I think I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, and don't think I'm overly judgmental...but that kind of person just gets my goat.

I hope they forgive me when I don't rush to be one of their disciples; I don't "do" sycophant very well.

Move along, peacocks. Strut your feathers elsewhere. No hero worship here.


  1. You should submit this to New Verse News, it is what they look for. Great job!

  2. wooot woot you go girl. I wish a few more had listened to this LAST election..

  3. You rock. I can't stand it either.


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