June 26, 2011

Impromptu Poetry - The Mother: Saturday Evening Musing

Git ‘Er Done

My days, seamless in their routine

Spent picking up and putting away

Locating necessary items

Estimating temperature of feverish brows

Depositing advice on deaf ears and uttering falsely cheerful greetings

Offering reassurance when I didn’t feel any,

Constant reminders of expectations and consequences.

When have I NOT…

Been the one who asks, then demands, then nags to get compliance?

Cooked their meals and cleaned up their mess?

With increased efficiency and lessening enthusiasm, I git ‘er done.

As I wash out lemonade and iced tea pitchers

Used (without my knowledge) to mix plant food

Oh, just put them away, he said. I rinsed them out.

Eyes rolling, sighs, I go to the sink and finish the job.

I watch the last of the suds go down the drain along with black, soil-like chunks.

The family safe now – no unnecessary chemicals will sicken them while quenching their thirst.

Again, I try to think back to when I was cared for as a child.

Nothing specific comes to mind.

The dryer signals a finished load, interrupting my reverie.

I slog to the laundry room, and hold clothes that are as warm as the newborn grandson

Who dozed against my chest this afternoon.

Sorted, folded, put away. I turn out the lights in each room as I pass through.

Tomorrow, a do-over. There are plants to be watered, and meals to prepare.

My bag of tricks reopened, maternal skills spill out once again.

Vowing to be more appreciative of all that I have; of all that I am able to do.
Time to git 'er done.


  1. Poignant post today. "Laundry as warm as my newborn grandson", beautiful.

  2. I love the word "slog" and also the use of the pitcher for mixing plant food - that is so real and funny, yet not. At least when she waters the plants later, she'll know which pitcher to use :-). Images are so clear and relatable.

  3. That was beautiful, and so, so true.

    You are a wonderful woman. I am jealous of the newborn you get to hold. when you hold those precious tiny ones, all is right in the world.


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