June 08, 2011

Just Another Rant About the News: Examples of Ridiculosity

Like most idiotic patriotic Americans, I take an interest in the national news.

This week, I'm still waiting for a real news story.

Oh sure, we have had Weinergate - I posted a poem about that example of sleaziness.

And I've learned what Paul Revere did NOT do when he made his ride, thanks to Sarah Palin.

That's pretty much the extent of the news.

So let's dissect these two stories, shall we?

Weinergate. Anthony Weiner, aptly named, decides to sow some virtual wild oats with members of the opposite sex (so far, it's just been with women).

How arrogant/stupid is this guy? How can he think he can get away with this behavior, after the long line of his predecessors who have resigned amid scandal for doing similar things?

Do I really want him voting on vital legislation? I don't know what congressional committees he's on, but I sure hope he's not anywhere near the big, red button that will cause missiles to strike lands far from here. 

Seems he may like to shoot stuff off, if you catch my drift. And he probably wouldn't be averse to using his throbbing member to do it.

Next for Mr. Weiner? An ethics investigation, and lots of nights sleeping on the couch. 

How can this guy have a job, and I'm still looking?

I watched his press conference - he did seem genuinely remorseful (at least when he mentioned his wife and family). 

I still don't know why he opened the floor to questions. I think if I had to humiliate myself like that, I'd have my say, and get the hell out of Dodge.

As hard as this was to watch (and as disgusting as it was to listen to), I think most people missed the very best part of the whole televised event.

I am now giving YOU the opportunity to hear journalistic excellence for yourself.

That's how much I care.

Go ahead, move the slider to about a minute from the end ( approximately at 26:00). Listen to the final questions which are shouted as Congressman Weiner is leaving the room:


I'm pretty sure the guy in the brown baseball cap is the guilty party. How the hell did he get in the pressroom? What media outlet does he work for?

How can this guy have a job, and I'm still looking?

Sarah Palin, Historian (not)
Now, let's move the discussion to Sarah Palin and her family trip to historic sites across this great land.

Ms. Palin has disdain for the "lamestream media". She feels they ask "gotcha" questions, and misquote or otherwise misrepresent the message she is trying to get across.

And she currently has the media eating out of her hand (or sucking up her bus exhaust, so to speak). 

At this time, she is NOT a candidate for any public office.

She has no scheduled speeches or public appearances.

Apparently, the media has not been informed of these facts - they are following her, willy nilly, on her family vacation.

Of course, if you're riding in a sixty-four foot leisure bus emblazoned with the preamble to the Constitution and ONE NATION in big letters, it's a little hard to remain incognito.

She has the press by the cojones, and is probably laughing maniacally during her entire bus ride.

If I, as a private citizen, were to tail the Palin family as they play tourists - and shove microphones and cameras in Sarah's face every single time she steps onto pavement, I'd be arrested for stalking and harassment.

Come on, American press. Stop harassing the woman. Let her take her family on a trip, don't nip at her heels at every stop sign and parking lot. I bet she calls off the rest of the tour if nobody's paying attention to her every word and action.

Fox News presented Sarah Palin as we've never seen her:

They used Tina Fey's picture (from a debate on SNL). Oopsies.

The worst part of it? Sarah Palin is a Fox News employee, and they still used the wrong picture.

How can Sarah Palin and all the media types have a job, and I'm still looking?

Who needs Comedy Central when the media gives us stuff this ridiculous?


  1. Unfreakin' believable! That's all I can say!

  2. Awesome post!

    I agree with you on everything. I agree with Noexcuses, too. Unfreakin' believable.

  3. I don't really watch the news because it is so ridiculous. And they used Tina Fey's photo instead of Palins? What kind of organization is that?


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