June 06, 2011

Poetry Corner: Ripped from the Headlines

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Say It Isn't So, Anthony

‘Twas a Congressman from New York with no class
Who sent tumescent pics of himself to a lass
The ‘net was all atitter when they logged into Twitter
And saw the crotch shot – oh, how crass!

Mr. Weiner verbally danced to and fro
I was hacked, not my pic, don’t ya know!
He avoided an answer, he was not a romancer
I committed no crime, now please go!

Do we believe what he says?, asks the crowd
For pictures like that aren’t allowed
Prurient at best, and distasteful to the rest
The man with the 'package', was he proud?

So today, we get down to brass tacks
Mr. Weiner lied about all the hacks
It was me all along, I sent the woman my schlong
I’m not quitting my job, gotta go back.

Now let’s review all the news that has passed
Twitter, Flickr, digital camera and some sass
Anthony  thinks he’s hot stuff – oh more pics and women? It’s enough!
In short (pun intended): Weiner's an ass.


  1. Bravo, madame poet!! You are so darn talented, I am envious of you! This could win an award!!

  2. Love it!! Read it to Dave and he thought it was hysterical!

    Good job, June!

  3. Excellent! Funniest thing I've read today.

  4. laughing my ass off but won't send proof.

  5. I see a future as a political poet in your future. This was fantastic. And boy is his name fitting!!


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