June 27, 2011

Quiet Descends upon the Cleaver Compound, and it is Good

The Boy went to camp yesterday. Here he is at check-in, wearing his 'I Have Issues' shirt - because we're all about telling it like it is. And he's also holding his bag of bed linens and towels over his name tag, lest his cover be blown.

Better that the throng of young, attractive female international counselors (whom he immediately approached and started flirting with) are aware of what they're dealing with.

Forewarned is forearmed, they say.

Can I get an AMEN on the quiet that I will enjoy from now until Friday evening, when chaos The Boy returns?

Today is the first day of my usual wifely vacation.

Can I get an AMEN to a lack of spousal demands for attention, cleanliness, laundry and hot, homemade meals?

I have no momentous plans for this week; I'm content to do some writing, reading and napping. 

Since The Boy started summer school last week, I've been on a reading jag (see a trend emerging with all this quiet time?). I finished these:

Jane and the Madness of Lord Byron by Stephanie Barron
I had to renew this one - the story worked too well in my ploy of 'going into the bedroom to read' (and by 'read', I mean 'nap'). It's a strange combination of using real people (Jane Austen and Lord Byron, for example), and making them characters in a murder mystery.

The Revenge of the Radioactive Lady by Elizabeth Stuckey-French
I loved this book. Marylou wants revenge, from a 50-year old hurt. The feisty gal moves to Florida to carry out her plan for murder - but things go horribly awry. The characters are quirky, the ending, a complete surprise.

In Zanesville by Jo Ann Beard
I so identified with this book, about a ninth grade girl and her family and friends. Written in the time frame of the 70s, I lived some of her life back then...and relived it upon reading this book. If you're my age, and remember wearing dickeys, wraparound plaid skirts with the big safety pin and crocheted vests, and lived life in a small town where you had more freedom to roam than was good for you (and where you could escape from your dysfunctional family), read this book. 

I started A Bad Day for Pretty by Sophie Littlefield, but I stopped reading it. I totally judged a book by its cover - the house dress-clad woman, wielding a baseball bat? - it totally drew me in. But in reality, I'm not pro-vigilante, so I could not get pulled into the story. Maybe I'll try it again this week, see how it goes.

Here's a positive review I found online. 
Note to self: In the future, do not direct readers to a right-wing nutjob site. It hurts me.

I've just started on Before I Go to Sleep, by S. J. Watson. I received this book from A Musing Reviews. Please check out her review. So far, I'm enjoying the book immensely!

Since I am now without responsibilities, and am luxuriating in the silence, I'm sure I'll finish this book today.

Then, I may start on A Suitable Boy, by Vikram Seth, which came highly recommended from my online book group. A hefty tome of 1,488 pages, it will serve as an implement for my upper arm training for the week. I found the book on Amazon, in used condition, for twenty-seven cents...and only $69.95 for shipping (I jest).

I also have some writing tasks to complete. There are a few submissions I'd like to make before the beginning of July, including a poem about the life that can be had in a trailer park...so I have some revisions to do for those.

The rust bucket is still on life support, so I don't plan on any trips beyond the confines of our burg. So I will not be embarking on a multi-county life of crime, nor visit far-flung lands to soak up the culture.

Do you have any ideas about fun activities I can do at home?

And the first person who mentions cleaning will get such a pinch!

I'm still on my clean kick (almost two months, people - I need an intervention). Neener neener neener, June's house is cleaner!


  1. OH heavens I think the stud gene is natural to bipolars. My son is the same way.. exactly. Housecleaning is a dirty word, I agree.. umm something fun at home alone.. I got nothing lol

  2. Oh I would love love a week of quiet! Enjoy I am totally jealous.

  3. creep. your house is cleaner. well, soo, I'm drinking Coke Zero. ok, are you jealous now? :)

    congrats on your alone time. I wish I had some of that.

  4. It is quiet over here at Dysfunction Junction, too. My kids are at their dad's for the week. I recommend watching really crappy TV like Toddlers & Tiaras and My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, and reading my blog.

  5. I have a copy of 'A Suitable Boy' and have been needing a kick to pick it up. Hauling it home several years ago just sucked the energy out of me. Going to take it out tomorrow.

    Glad to see The Boy is well. I recall his name, but I have not read enough yet to know if you refer to him by name online yet. (as you've read, I do not refer to my own children online by name. :)

    Nice to see it seems you are doing really well. I've thought of you often.

    My blog is pretty censored, because divorcing a lawyer isn't pretty. We are 'done', but issues abound.



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