June 18, 2011

Saturday Centus - 06/18/11 Just One More Shattered Illusion

Time for Saturday Centus. This week, we have up to 200 words to craft a story around the designated writing prompt (appearing below, in bold text).

Deceived by Beauty
For over thirty years, the ring has sat in my jewelry box, unseen and unworn. Perched on its velvet throne, I gently caress the oval stone. Oh, how I loved it when it was new! That Christmas held such promise. Newly married, I wore my husband’s Christmas gift proudly.

Within the stone, my emotional states revolved around the magical properties contained therein. Young and in love, I didn't even mind that the cheap metal sometimes turned my finger green.

Now I find out that liquid crystals and body temperature were the real reason for my happiness.

Done in by the laws of chemistry. Thanks for ruining the illusion, about.com.

Mood ring, my a**.


  1. "mood ring my a**" hahahah, oh yes, I've had a few of those in my time too. ;-)

  2. Sometimes it's better to live in the land of unknowing than to have to many facts!

  3. Quite clever use of my abstract prompt...very nicely done indeed...Peace and blessings

  4. Funny ending line, love those mood rings. I won't tell my girls who have them now.

  5. Me too! This took me back to the 70's. ~Ames

  6. What a super take on this prompt, a melancholy stroll down memory lane for me.
    As usual, your words are well chosen and read smoothly. This is great.


  7. Ah, yes! Weren't they fun? Great post!!!

  8. heehee

    You are a master of the twist at the end.

    (And I am one who loves such twists.)


  9. Oh I like where you within the stone went! Oh yes! This is magical indeed! You're so clever! Thanks!

  10. yeah.
    love it.
    magic is wanted all the time in life.

  11. I love the punchline. Very funny! I was so captivated by mood rings too.

  12. I am also letting a ring be a part of my SC-post, but only as an illustration to the text.

    I agree with you about this prompt "within the stone". It is so versatile! There is so much that could be done with it, if only given the time.

    In your text you have let romantic love and science clash! Surprising mix and great centus!

    Best wishes,

    Within the Stone-Anna's SC wk 59

  13. As always, you have a wonderful twist.

  14. hahahaha, mood ring, my a**. you crack me up woman. But that was very well done.

  15. Great post - by the by, did the new grandson make his entrance yet?

  16. Love this post!!! but not mood rings, on my cold little fingers they were always dark ...

  17. I think I need to wear a mood ring sometimes so my husband 'gets' me.

    Great use of Jeff's prompt.

  18. LOL! Loved your take on the prompt, June! I remember mood rings only too well! Mystery solved, eh? Ha ha!


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