June 04, 2011

Saturday Quarter Centus - Been Sold a Bill of Goods

Jenny Matlock is the maven of Saturday Centus. She's giving our keyboards a rest today - we get only 25 words to spin our tale, not including her prompt (in bold text, below).

Today's Menu at the Jim Jones Cafe: A Limited Beverage Selection

The end is near!
The signs are clear.
Floods, locusts, war and famine persist.
Seems pointless to resist.
We all must die, I fear...drink the Kool-Aid, dear.


  1. well done!! But so 'terminal'...;-( Peace and blessings

  2. Make mine red please, none of that purple stuff:@)

  3. Egads woman! May I take a pass? Everyone has done so well. I hope to find time to participate.

  4. oh a little kool aid goes a long way!!

  5. What a creative twist on The End. You always have a snappy take on things!

  6. Great post! You are wonderfully clever in taking a serious subject and making me laugh.

    I'll drink the Kool-Aid
    when someone pours it
    down my throat, but 'til
    then, I'll live to the end.

  7. Hope this is not how your really feeling? Have a margarita instead.

  8. I'm not sure whether to giggle or tremble.

    And that makes this a good one!


  9. Yeow...scary and love this but I always pass on the Kool Aid drinking !

  10. hard to believe there are some who might not understand that reference
    great job!

  11. I'll pass on the kool-aid and just take what the good Lord has in store for me.
    Excellent use of this scanty prompt!~Ames

  12. feast before die.

    powerful word play.

  13. Oh wow, this is very powerful. Great job.

  14. OH My! Another of those Mayan believers it seems.. well well, live on! Drink some cool aid ;)

  15. fantastic! Your 50% funnier with 50% less words.

  16. Oh you wicked wicked June!
    You made me giggle.

  17. lmao ... but i am not drinking the koolaid ... im waiting for 2012 instead!!!

  18. Love your morbid take on this! LOL!

  19. Very well done. Not a single syllable out of place!

    But ain't it kinda creepy as to subject matter? Since I live so far away, there are many times that I am unfamilar with people and events that are refered to in these posts... But this one... yes... I remember it well. Morbid. Sick. So sad for the families. I read an article by the father of a girl who was one of the victims. He flew to the jungle in order to get her out. Too late... too late.

    Nope. I'm sorry. I cannot make light of the suffering of others. I must say this to be fair. I can't help thinking of that man loosing his daughter in that way. How was his life after that?

    Best wishes,
    Miss O'Hara's Last Words-SC wk 57

  20. I love your sense of irony here. Your writing always pulls at my heart in one way or another. This link is no exception.


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