June 19, 2011

In Seventh Heaven with Number Seven!...What a Weekend!

Saturday morning, I woke up at 3:45, and couldn't get back to sleep. I got up and tried to read, but I found myself reading the same paragraph numerous times, just so it would register in my mind.

Then I got the phone call...Frank said that Tammy was in labor, and they were already at the hospital, awaiting the arrival of baby Russ.

I still hadn't wrapped his presents. Nor had I wrapped Eli's birthday present, even though we'd be at his party twelve hours later.

Just call me Slacker Grandma.

The next phone call was a weather alert for our local community. Severe thunderstorms were on the way.

In the midst of torrential rain and high winds, with thunder and lightning that brought light to the darkened sky and rattled our windows, Russell Finn made his arrival into the world at 7:30.

Even though the clouds and rain persisted, our day seemed bright and full of promise.

Grandpa and Slacker Grandma arrived at Tammy and Frank's house to spell their friend from babysitting duty. Seth was still sleeping.

When Seth woke up and came out of his room, he took one look at Grandpa and went back into bed. Surely, this was a dream - Grandpa isn't supposed to be here.

Seth got back out of bed to see if his eyes had deceived him. He went into Mommy and Daddy's room.

"Mommy's not here", he announced.

"Seth, Mommy and Daddy are at the hospital with Baby Russ."

"Baby Russ is in Mommy's belly, Grandma."

Big changes for a three-year old to take in. Seth used the potty (yippee!), and had his breakfast.

We put Donny (a stuffed dog), Seth's present to Russ, in a plastic bag that Seth insisted he carry, and we went to the hospital.

Wearing his Big Brother shirt, Seth rode with us to the hospital. Here's what we found:

Russ, clapping his feet because he's happy that he's finally here!
Big Brother Seth holding Russ
Seth says that Russ is "his" baby. 

That may be true, but I know I fell in love with Russ when he was in my arms, and he looked at me with that little old man face of his. But, being a grownup, I was able to let others take a turn, too.

There will be plenty of time for spoiling him later (I may have whispered something to  him about slipping him cookies in the future).

We had lunch with Seth, then went home. Grandpa left to pick up The Boy (so they could go to Eli's 6th birthday party). Seth and I chilled out until it was time for me to load him back up into Daddy's van and head to the birthday party festivities.

Eli was very excited about his party. There were tons of kids and grownups alike. He was thrilled with his presents, but still very camera shy when it came to blowing out the candles on his cake (I will post photos when the sneakier guests managed to get one with Eli unawares).

Seth happily played and wore himself out. Desiree joined me in my babysitting duties back at home base. She and I watched episodes of Extreme Couponing - and I reminded her to NEVER tell Grandpa about this show, because he's already approaching food hoarder status.

I snored loudly, and Desi hogged the bed...just sayin'.

Des and I took Seth back to the hospital today for another visit. He's still pretty excited about Baby Russ, although his enthusiasm makes him a bit too wiggly for holding the baby for more than a minute or two.

He talked our ears off all day long, often repeating the same sentence five or six times, just to make sure we were paying attention.

He's developed a special relationship with my GPS...perhaps I'll tell about that in a separate post.

I returned home this evening...I had forgotten how tired a three-year old can make me.


  1. Congrats!! He's adorable! And that pic with Seth holding him....so cute!

  2. He is a cutie and you are such a proud grandma, slacker or not :) Best to all of you! Seth is so cute. I love these baby days. Congratulations Grandma.

  3. Awww how beautiful is he and the big brother pic is too adorable.. Take a nap hun you have earned it

  4. Congrats and what a freaking cute baby!!!!

    I tell you, taking care of the grandkids, even for a couple of hours, wears me out.

  5. Thanks for sharing your day and your adorable grandsons. You don't seem like a slacker from where I'm sitting.

  6. Yay! Baby Russ is here ... and how cute he is!!! Now you have another little whippersnapper to tire you out!

  7. Congratulations - he's a cutie!


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