July 01, 2011

Book Blurb Friday - 7/1/2011

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Nobody Here Can Sing the Blues
by Howard Glidden

Grandhaven is a town like no other. The houses, white gingerbread cottages, the lawns, pristine. Nobody colors outside the lines here. In fact nobody colors at all.

In his groundbreaking expose, Howard Glidden tells you what can go awry when the US Government (and the corporation that sells Clorox) sets out to create the perfect town. Based on years of careful research (and reports he received from  hundreds of FOIA requests for information), Pritchard tells the harrowing tale of the townspeople who, mysteriously, woke one day to a life in black and white.  

The Cold War-era project involved infusing the area with an aerosol that bleached everything in the town.

Imagine eating lemon meringue pie that looks like Cool Whip. Learn how the citizens cope with wearing white after Labor Day – and every day.

"I cried for a whole week after reading this!" - Sherwin Williams


  1. Poor Sherwin! I agree. An all-white world would be horrifyingly boring, but for those who engage in "white-flight," they might love for this story to come true.

  2. LOL-this line really got me, "Learn how the citizens cope with wearing white after Labor Day..." Great blurb!

  3. Bwahahaha!!! The Sherwin Williams quote at the end is what really had me rolling. Still laughing. This is great!

  4. This is catchy, beginning with the title. Loved the Sherwin Williams accolade. I'd never make it in that town. I'm just too messy to wear white. But I do love Cool Whip. lol

  5. You always get a laugh out of me!

  6. Love your colorful blog post about that colorless town!

  7. This is so funny!!! I love it! Who knows, it COULD happen ... I would love to read this. Thanks for making me smile this morning.

    Have a wonderful 4th!

    Kathy M.

  8. As usual, you take the "road less traveled" ... and it is so funny.


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