July 05, 2011

The Boy is Back in Town and in Rare Form (At Least I Hope its Rare)

The Boy is back from camp. Along with a week's worth of dirty laundry, he returned with a really bad attitude.

Simon, his Scottish camp counselor, regaled us with sordid tales of The Boy's bad behavior. Some of it involved "nasty language with the lasses".

Sounded less ominous when phrased like that (and the accent helped).

On the drive home, The Boy had no comment, other than to say that he "is not proud of his behavior, and doesn't want to talk about it".

So back at home, it's deja vu all over again. He's stuck in the rut of yelling insults and threats and standing up in front of me, defiant, leaving me to wonder if/when the aggression turns physical.

He's moody and ultra-sensitive. Anything may set him off.

Do teenage boys get male PMS?

I think part of his problem is that he's OD'ing on testosterone.

And I thought teenage girls were a challenge to raise.

Thank you for being veritable angels, girls.


  1. Yikes. Boys. Don't know what to do with them. Wish I could help!

  2. I'm so sorry he came home like this. He did so well in school. It's obviously all the camp's fault!


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