July 11, 2011

Dogging The Boy Online...It's Not MY Job Anymore!

Image courtesy of PCMag
When it was time to get new anti-virus software, The Mister came home with Norton 360.

I threw up a little in my mouth. I couldn't help it. I'd used Norton before - it was an intrusive resource hog. And it pestered me to renew it so often that I'd flip the bird at the monitor before closing the annoying pop-up window.

Needless to say, Norton is NOT compensating me for this review (but they should. Keep reading).

Anyway, back to our new software, Norton 360. It protects you from everything but heat rash from sitting at the computer too long.

It doesn't seem to slow down the laptop when it's running in the background - and for that, I will sing its praises.

But its real power lies in a little package called Norton Online Family.

With it, I can monitor and control what The Boy does online.

Cue evil laugh.

And when his favorite porn site is blocked? "Oops, I guess it fits into Norton's pornography category. I don't control what it stops. They do all the research."

The Mister walked into the room one day and found him watching some girl-on-girl action. Eww.

It also blocks religion (don't get him started on the evils of Scientology), mature content, computer hacking and several other criteria to keep The Boy's mind from being more warped than it already is. He was spending a lot of time on a role playing site, where I had no control over who he was typing to, nor what subject matter was discussed.

Have I mentioned that it's available for download, and it's FREE? Get it here!

Since it's been activated, I see a slight change in his attitude. Perhaps viewing all that inappropriate content was making him feel like he was in charge, like he was entitled to do whatever he wants.

This family can handle only ONE evil genius. Me.

Now? When he wanted to use findagrave.com (which was blocked in the Religion category), he had to ask my permission. I have the authority to override any site that Norton deems unacceptable.

So now, I get the final say on what he does online. I get a report of all approved sites that he visits and an immediate email message for every questionable site he attempts to open - thus providing us with an opportunity to discuss more appropriate choices.

I hope this sense of power doesn't go to my head.

Big Brother Mother is watching YOU!

Let me know if you're looking for some porn URLs that The Boy thought were worthy of a look. I'll hook ya up. I do, however, require a valid state-issued ID to determine your age (always the fine print).


  1. ooooh, you are really a CIA agent, aren't you?

  2. I've used various Norton products for years and never had any problem with them...but they always cost pretty much, too. This new one sounds incredible...plus it's free??!! OMG!
    Fortunately I don't have anyone in the house who needs monitoring...or do I??

  3. ::shudder:: I dread the day when I realize my sons are looking at porn online. I KNOW it happens...but MINE...just don't want to think about them doing that...::shudder::

    Norton isn't one of my fave products either from an IT perspective, but considering it helps in situations like this...not bad at all!



  4. haha. I'm glad that something is helping you. and the boy, and the mister, and ........

  5. Somehow I think my son will be a 6-year-old terror forever. Or that he will morph into a 14-year-old terror. But adult sites???? Gadzooks, I can't even imagine that. Thanks for the info though, I will have to check into it.

  6. Awesome!! Now if you can only control the Mister's online habits ... HAHA!


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