July 19, 2011

Experimenting with Drugs: Day One

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The Boy had a doctor's appointment yesterday. We discussed his various medications.

He takes loads of pills each day: an anti-depressant, a mood stabilizer, an anti-psychotic, and Clonidine, which is primarily used as a blood pressure medication (but is supposed to help with aggression and aid in sleeping).

The Boy also sleeps more than the average sixteen-year old. He's usually in bed before most toddlers. Bedtime is about 8pm (jealous?); he sleeps until I wake him up for school at 6:30 - if you don't count the fact that he awakens about 3:30 or 4:00 each morning to forage in the kitchen. And like a toddler, after his tummy is full, he takes a nap until it's really time to get up.

His psychiatrist is concerned about his medication and his sleeping habits. She feels that he sleeps too much, and that he takes a lot more medicine than patients who started seeing her when they were diagnosed.

So we're experimenting with drugs and bedtimes. We've already been cutting back a bit on medication, and The Boy has reacted well.

Last night, I cut the dosage of Clonidine and let The Boy stay up until 9:00. 

He still got up to forage at some time during the night.

And this morning? He was grumpy and drowsy (napping on the couch). He stumbled up when he heard I yelled at him that the bus driver was beeping his horn and got on the summer school bus without taking his morning medication. A few minutes later, he comes crashing in the door to take his meds.

Thank you, Mr. Joe, the bus driver.

I'd say Day 1 of our little experiment was a failure. 

Dr. D is letting the final decision up to me. I agreed to try the new regimen for a couple of days, and to call her with the results.

We've only been seeing Dr. D about a year, after the resignation of The Boy's last psychiatrist (who we only saw for a few months, after the first psychiatrist also resigned).

Our third psychiatrist in our three years in MO. Every time we get comfortable with one, they leave.

Dr. D has cancer. She's lost all her hair. She looks pale. She's cut back her office hours to three days a week. She's scheduled for surgery later this month.

I'm hoping that our experiment works so The Boy can maintain himself on less medication. And I certainly hope that Dr. D is soon among the list of patients who have beaten that little bitch, cancer.

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  1. I wish you luck. It sounds like he's okay with little changes. I don't think the day was a failure. You got through it, he got through and nobody barfed. I am in awe of your advocacy for him...Mistress of the Universe!



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