July 06, 2011

MicroFiction Muse - My First Attempt

Diane Estrella, from That's What I'm Here For, is the hostess of this fun meme.

The goal? Create a story of 140 characters (or less), based on a photo she provides.

Photo courtesy of Anne Payne

I told you that the blue tube was Super Glue, NOT sunscreen! I hope the ER doc is fast…
Did you have garlic for lunch?


  1. great first participation,, actually quite experienced, don't ya think,, lol

  2. Hey June! I had to come back and read this about 3Xs to "get it"! I'm more than just a little bit Duh today...feels like Monday...Great take on the pic!

  3. Hahahahahahhahahahaha

    LOVE it so much!!! Thanks for playing along! :O)

  4. BTW--- Got an awesome picture to share for next week's??? E-mail me at dianemestrella at gmail dot com

    Thanks! :O)

  5. Garlic...LOL!!! She always hugs her brother that way...in a headlock!

  6. great job. and yuk, smelly breath that close. yikers

  7. Love it! The garlic breath was the perfect touch.


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