July 02, 2011

Saturday Centus - 07/02/11

It's time for Saturday Centus. I thought I'd try a poem today, unrelated to the holiday that awaits. Visit Jenny Matlock to find out how YOU can play along too! The prompt appears below (in bold text).

Domestic Disturbance

I cleaned the whole house
I made all the beds
The floor’s done been mopped
The cat’s watered and fed

Oh say can you see
All the chores that got done?
No, your focus is on
The one chore not begun.

I want to spit nails
I want to throw plates
My heart, emptied of love
Is now filled with hate.

Do this crap by yourself
See if I care
Let them laugh at your dirty clothes
And stinky underwear.

I’m on strike, I am done.
I won’t lift a hand
What’s for dinner, you say?
I’ve already made plans.


  1. OH YES!!! When my oldest son was in junior high, one night he came to me while I, exhausted from a full-time job, and homemaking, and said, "Mom, I want to wear these jeans tomorrow. Can you wash them for me?"

    "Let me show you something interesting," I replied, and dragged him to the laundry room, where I taught him how to use the washer.

    "Don't ever ask me again to wash clothes for you at 10 o'clock at night."

    He did his own laundry from then on! Yea!!!

  2. You get atta-girls for this! What woman with either kids or a husband has not felt this way at one time or another?

    I liked the fact that you posted a poem. It just suits the subject, and the rhythm gave the words great weight.


  3. So venomous! A fine bit of poetry indeed...Peace and blessings

  4. Gloriously strident, sassy, and fiesty! Loved the vim of this gal!!!!

  5. Fabulous!! I should hang this on my fridge!!

  6. Yes, yes, yes. *standing ovation*.

  7. wow! wonderful take on the prompt! gotta love a mom strike!!!

  8. Brilliant job, June! I too tried my hand at a little verse this week, but you put me to shame! I loved this!

  9. Bravo! You make me laugh! I just adore your writing JFC!

  10. Dear June,

    Great poem! I am always impressed by writers who can get an idea across and make it rhyme and have rythm!

    Wonderful use of the prompt! Seamless! And it's very funny too.

    And I really feel for the content. This was one of the issues that broke up my marriage. He only saw that which was not done and never saw or thanked me for what I did get done.

    Excellent Centus!
    Best wishes & hugs,

    A Rainy Day in July-Anna's SC wk 61

  11. Oh this was great!...and Russell Finn is a darling! Great bunches of happiness every single moment!

  12. Excellent job !
    You have an awesome talent for poetry and prose that always hits the nail on the head... I loved this !!!


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