July 24, 2011

Saturday Centus - 07/23/11 - Before I Die

OMG, shame on me! I really must read the directions next time, instead of just reading Jenny's submission and wondering...

Why the heck is it so short?

And what's up with the picture?

Mea culpa!

Following the old rules, here's my submission:

Time for Saturday Centus. When I read today's prompt (appearing below, in bold text) I felt  reluctant to participate - maybe because of my mother's recent death. I didn't feel like I could write something frivolous, nor did I want to be maudlin.

After a long and busy day today, I finally came up with a submission that is neither mocking of death, nor dark and depressing.

And so, ripped from my own headlines (or blog post titles), here I go:

I lay in a heap on the hardwood floor. My limbs feel leaden; my calves are racked by severe pain.

My tongue, swelling in my mouth, feels as sharp and dry as sandpaper; my lips are parched. De hydrated and in agony, I don’t know how much more of this I can endure.

My tormentor is unrelenting in her demands of compliance. My fellow victims soldier on, finding strength deep within their cores. They do not falter. I am in awe.
A woman kneels down to offer encouragement.

I whisper, “Before I die, I gotta know…will my second Zumba class be easier?”



  1. Oh, my gosh! That's exactly how I felt after my first Zumba class! Little longer than 21 words, though! :)

  2. Got me! Great write, JFC.

    So sorry for your loss and happy for your new little bundle of joy.

  3. I just watched an infomercial for Zumba. I now know how that first class is going feel afterward!,

    Good take on the 15 words!


  4. funny thanks for the afternoon laugh

  5. and this is why I will never go to a zumba class. just sayin.


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