July 30, 2011

Saturday Centus - 07/30/11 - The Mother of Invention

That Jenny Matlock! The heat must be getting to her! Today's twist? The prompt is a picture. We still get the same 100-word limit.

I'm the mother of invention
And now, there is no doubt
The Boy screams, "I'm hungry and
the power is out!
We'll die without the A/C;
we'll melt like neglected ice!"
Son, don't yell at your mother,
you know that's not very nice.
It's been 100 degrees for weeks now
so don't you fret, my son
Have a look out on the pavement -
Your breakfast is now done!


  1. Very nice! As we used to say when we were kids, "you're a poet and you know it!"

    I'm so stumped with this prompt...I'll sleep on it!


  2. I LOVED IT!!!!

    I hope that this hot, hot weather gets over soon. Not the warm, you know, 80's just the over 100.

  3. very creative. I really hope your power wasn't out. I would die without my a/c Really I think I would. I hate the heat!

  4. That's very cute. I love the rhythm and the final line. Moms are so resourceful!

  5. At least you can save on electricity!

  6. Really, really clever! Love it!

  7. I can always count on your for a clever post and the added bonus of a good chuckle! Loved this to pieces!

  8. Nicely done! Both the poem and the breakfast.

  9. This is just too cute! From the whining child to the freshly fried egg, I was enthralled. Gotta love that imagination of yours!


  10. Excellent and well written !

    You have a real knack for poetry and prose and I look forward to each of your creative works !!!

  11. Heehee! That was really fun to read. Mother of Invention... brilliant!!! :)

  12. Sunny side up!

    Funny and well done, as always. A good combo.


  13. As always, you are creative, inventive and hilarious! Love it!

  14. June Freaking Cleaver your posts are always so Freaking good! This one was funny funny funny!

  15. You always crack me up. I missed reading your blog. Now I can get my daily dose.

  16. Dear June,
    What a wonderful poem! Very funny and you got it to rhyme too (which I always find hard to do.)

    Thank you for visiting my SC-post. Cute idea about the advertising slogan "The grass is greener, the sidewalk cleaner". But in reality it is about the same everywhere, it is just that the summer climate is kinder in Sweden. (Wait until winter. Then I want to hibernate while you folks still can go out without even putting a sweater on.)

    Best wishes,

    For the benefit of other readers:
    'John Tell, expert on tourism' Anna's SC wk 65

  17. JFC~ This was fabulous! If you do it for real, though, I highly recommend putting foil down before you pam!

    I learned that the hard way.

    What an awful oil stain an egg leaves on concrete!

    Cute link!


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