July 06, 2011

The Word is in: Autism is All My Fault, Too

Photo courtesy of Tom Varco
A recent study shows that use of certain antidepressants within a year of giving birth may be a cause of autism in children.

Great, one more thing that's my fault. Wait 'til The Boy hears this, he'll never let me forget it.

Yes, I took Prozac when I was pregnant. Why?

I was depressed, and my psychiatrist prescribed it for me (and told me it was safe)...and it did help with my depression.

Decades ago, doctors theorized that autism was caused by "refrigerator mothers" - mothers that were cold and unfeeling toward their children.

Now, it seems, it's caused by happy moms who took 'happy pills'.

Do you remember the study that said that traces of Prozac, among other pharmaceuticals, are present in drinking water?

Could THAT be the reason why the incidence of autism is rising?

Please forgive me for purchasing Prozac, ingesting the medication, throwing pill bottles in landfills and flushing to send my pee back to the water treatment plant for reuse.

When writing this post, I looked up the studies and found that I was also inadvertently drugging the streams and rivers, too. You can read about that crime here.

I didn't mean any harm, honest. And I have been antidepressant-free since early 2008.

Now, in addition to my untreated depression, I'll have untreated anxiety, as I await the punitive knock of the EPA on my front door. 

Maybe I need to put a Pay Pal 'Donate to pay June Freaking Cleaver's Fines' button on my blog.

Please accept my profound apologies.



  1. Oh, all these stupid "studies" that go on all the time really get me on my soap box!! BUT, I'll be nice and not rant in your comment section. Please don't feel guilty. Someday a NEW and improved study will come out, saying that NO, Prozac didn't do those things....The new thing will be something really stupid like...drinking water!! Or coffee...no, it's tea...No it's diet soda...NO wait..it's all that milk you were supposed to drink....no wait...

  2. The good news is that next week autism will be caused by fluorescent lighting or wearing the same socks two days in a row.

    It will always be you fault. If you don't feel guilt, what kind of mother are you? Effective?

    I wouldn't know.

  3. ah hell. you know that next week the study will come out and say something different. so don't fret little buck-a-roo.

    I might not be able to donate to the fund, but I certainly could come visit you in jail. :)

  4. I know that it's important to find the cause of autism, but damn, mothers don't need any more guilt.
    My son has Chiari Malformation, and one of the theories is poor maternal nutrition. I ate well & took my prenatal vitamins but still, I have guilt.


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