August 04, 2011

Book Blurb Friday 08/05/11

Lisa Ricard Claro is the hostess with the mostest! Book Blurb Friday (or BBF, among those in the know) is a meme where you write a 150-word maximum book blurb based solely on a picture. Today's picture is courtesy of Kathy Matthews.

Let's begin, shall we?

FYI, this is post #666...heheheheh

Tears from Heaven
by R. U. Wettyett

It was a year of meteorological contradictions. Drought followed by torrential rains, record snowfall followed by months of scorching heat. The citizens of **Wishaw, PA, a little hamlet between the towns of Panic and Desire, were filled with anxiety, and Ella Vador brought all the trouble up to the surface. 

Wishaw was a dot on the map, not even important enough to be included in any census data. Ella, town historian, sole member of the Chamber of Commerce and an inveterate gossip, wanted to put Wishaw ON the map. She just needed something that would get the media's - and the world's - attention.

As luck would have it, a tear in the space-time continuum occurs directly above the town’s abandoned coal mine – and as reporters and EPA and Bureau of Mine Safety officials descend upon Wishaw, the town is brought into the spotlight…with consequences that rock the entire universe.

**These are real towns. A date and I visited them once, and I had him take my photo beside the signs for Panic and Desire (sorry, lost the pics...and the man). In Wishaw, I yelled, "Help me! I'm halfway between panic and desire, and I don't know what to do!"

Maybe this type of behavior is why I was single for so many years.


  1. First I laughed (the names killed me!), and then I reread and went hmm... There is plenty of good in this blurb of yours!

  2. A Sapce-Time Continuum sounds fascinating.

  3. You are an expert at making me laugh. I would read this book, so why not start it as a short story?

  4. NOW you have me into the story...what'll happen next?!! Huh?

    Happy Friday to you.


  5. I love your story! Well, both of them; the real life and the book idea. God, those MSHA people are horrible; she doesn't even know the can of worms that she is opening up there.

    Have a great weekend!

    Kathy M.

  6. Sounds like a suspenseful read and I love your title!

  7. Suspenseful but fun, too! I am there with Ms. Vador!

  8. If a date didn't get attracted by your Panic and Desire quip, they weren't worth having anyway!

  9. I agree with Jenners. Who needs a guy with no sense of humor?
    Great book blurb, can't miss if you've got the space-time continuum and consequences for the whole planet.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  10. Teehee ... I can imagine your date being slightly alarmed by your announcement that you were halfway between panic and desire! Anything with a bit of space time continuum would get me reading - great blurb.


  11. Okay, this is seriously awesome. I love those town names, and the fact that they are real makes it even better. (And your exclamation about being between panic and desire is the best laugh I've had all day.) I want to know what happens next! Surely, the up-and-coming Ella Vador will reach her high goal.

    Funny character name--love the author name, too!

  12. Pennsylvania is famous for towns like that, especially Lancaster County where friends of a neighbor once got lost and called for help saying they were stuck somewhere between Intercourse and Paradise. I'm assuming they were able to get help once the person who answered stopped laughing.


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