August 03, 2011

Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop - 08/04/11 - Loss

Imagine my surprise at making Mama Kat's list of favorites for last week! Thanks, Mama Kat! If I had chosen the prompt about blog tips to give myself, I know I'd list "Use the word vagina when describing housework" - it gets 'em every time!

The prompt I chose this week: Write a poem inspired by the word "Loss"

That empty chair, like a billboard advertising your absence
no shoes by the door
Missing the scent of aftershave
Whisker clippings on the sink
It's never your voice on the phone
Though I may wish it to be
No sports on the TV, the newspaper neglected on the stoop
One less plate at the table
You won't be back
Though your side of the closet is still full
Mother can't bear to clean it
Young grandchildren wonder why you've been gone so long
Soon they'll forget your voice
And your face, except in photographs

Guilt felt because the longing lessens
as we continue life without you
Death changes all of us
If you could return to us, would recognition be in your eyes?
Wherever you are, Mother is now there with you

Now two empty chairs
Mourning covers us like a shawl
Bookends of loss, only the stories remain


  1. Wow, this entire poem gripped me, but the last three lines, it has left me speechless. I've never been able to put my feelings and emotions about death of loved ones on paper, and here you've captured so much emotion in your poem about loss. I hope you will look to publish this as many others will find comfort from reading this.

  2. That is absolutely beautiful and the imagery makes it real for anyone who has suffered a loss. sending you love an dhugs hun

  3. That is so touching.
    "One less plate at the table
    you won't be back"
    gave me chills.

  4. Beautiful, keep the stories alive.

  5. This is such a beautiful poem! I lost my dad, so reading the line: "Guilt felt because the longing lessens as we continue life without you." That's the most tragic part of it all, isn't it? That you must move on to continue living but in moving on some of the longing and desire to stay there, or where that person once lived, lessens.

  6. Such tenderness ~ a beautiful poem honoring people you love.

  7. This is a touching poem. I am going to share it with my friends mom (she is working up the nerve to start a blog about being a widow)

  8. Very lovely. It's the little things that sneak up and tug at our heart strings. My grandchildren would be lost without their Gpa. There has always been a part of me that felt sad to see that, in time, life really does go on, and you know it can and should, but . . .

    (thanks for stopping by)

  9. beautiful! this was so well done, and i love the sensory features you included that take me back to my own childhood with my grandpa. im sorry for your loss, too.

  10. Wow. I can really relate to this one...brought tears to my eyes.

  11. It amazes me how you can go from your "award-winning" vagina poem that was highlighted last week (and deservedly so) to this lovely poem that made me get a bit emotional and teary. Well done.

  12. Beautifully written. Thise feeling of missing someone were explained so clearly.

    hi from over at mk's


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