August 24, 2011

Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop - 08/25/11 The Songversation to End All Songversations (Or So I Thought)

The prompt I chose this week: 

Songversation. Take a current song that teens and tweens are listening to, share the lyrics, and offer a conversation that you might have with your child about the song. (inspired by Ooph)

Now for the disclaimers:
This conversation actually took place on Facebook, after my granddaughter Desiree (Desi) posted something that disturbed me. This is not the first time that the grandkids have posted things that are weird, out there, or wildly inappropriate (like the time she called one of her friends "Dirty Sanchez"). 

Here's how it went down: 
(I've added post-songversation commentary in bold orange text - because I can).

Desi: I pray your brakes go out running down a hill, i pray a flower pot falls off a window sill and knocks you in the head like id like two... (Desi is now a high school freshman - where the heck did she learn to spell?)

Me: Is this from a song? Please tell me it is, or I'll be sad. (She's quoted other disturbing song lyrics before, I just wanted to be sure that she wasn't praying for injuries to someone who had wronged her).

Desi: Yea its a song called pray for you its a good song you should take a listen. Okay, this grandma grammar Nazi is now having facial tics - no apostrophes, commas, capital letters...ARRGGHHH!

(I look up the song on Youtube and listen). 

Me: I did. What a hateful song that is. "I Hope You Hit Traffic" is the same way - what's wrong with this guy, he's awfully passive-aggressive with his vindictiveness.

Desi: Idkkk...I like it though not in the hateful way. I just like it. Teens nowadays like adding duplicate letters at the end of their text-y acronyms and shortcuts. If 'IDK' means "I Don't Know", then 'idkkk' must mean "I haven't used a single brain cell to determine why I like this particular ditty." She just likes it, knowhatimean?

She must have re-read my comment...

Desi: Whoaa thats alot of big words at the end. Again, double a in 'whoa', and no apostrophe - and 'alot' isn't even a word. She's an honors student. Just think, kids in her class will be making medication decisions for me when I'm in assisted living.

Oh, one of Desi's friends decides to enter the fray!

Liz: Bahahaha that song is HILARIOUS

Me: Yes, I know big should too.

Desi: Not that big

Me: It's like the whole 'Jackass' (the movie) thing, I guess...I don't think people getting hurt is funny. Color me old-fashioned, I guess. One Sunday when I was on Grandpa Gus duty, I watched Jackass 3 (like two films weren't enough) with Desi and her friends. They laughed non-stop as these brainless, often naked, men hurtled themselves into brick walls and tried to jump over mud puddles with tricycles. I kept closing my eyes to avoid seeing the cast get injured...and they did.

Des: Liol (Laughing insanely out loud?)

Liz, let's call her Captain Obvious here, chimes in.

Liz: He's not being serious obviously. The whole dang song is sarcasm he's basically saying "this fake bi*** just ruined my life I hope she gets knocked in the head" lol. Pretty well written - I want her on the staff of my nursing home, but I hope she pays attention to the periods on my prescriptions because 1.0mg and 10mg mean two very different things.

Me: (Being all Solomon-like here). You know it's sarcasm, I know it's sarcasm...but there are some people who would think that the bi*** deserved that, and more. It's like saying "I want to see my husband dead"... (and I DON'T, just to be clear) and then someone asks if I want a hit man. There are always folks who take things too seriously.

Liz (again, Captain Obvious): Well I'm not one of those crazy people lol I will sleep better knowing that Liz is not deranged enough to get involved in a murder-for-hire scheme.


Or so I thought. 


Nate, Desi's twelve-year old brother, posts thisGo ahead, watch it. Did I overreact?

My response?

Me: Oh no, not you too, Nate! Bad song! I guess I should be glad it's not that 'Show Me Your Genitals' song HE posted a while back. I almost had a brain aneurysm over that one!

Note to self: Must get Liz's phone number. We could talk about the loads of money she could make in a career in healthcare...and remind her to pay attention to those pesky decimal points.


  1. I so love the convo between you guys! That's great, at least they like talking to you, even if it's without . and ' and stuff like that!

  2. Your comments in orange are hilarious!

  3. I love your asides. I simply love them. I tried to keep this one humorous too. I took on Katy Perry though.

  4. This is awesome! Your responses in orange, especially those in which you comment on your future care in a nursing home made me "LOL!"

  5. All I can say is that at least they are having open dialogue with you about the topic. Hopefully they will keep that in mind when real life situations present themselves. And the grammar? Very scary. And think, I taught a college freshman class a few years ago and it. Was. HORRIFYING. I actually asked a student if he turned in a rough draft by mistake after the first assignment. University level too!

  6. wow. that is so awesome that you can have those convos with your granddaughter. Today's music really does suck.

  7. That is a terrible song. Good thing you are trying to make them think.

  8. Love this post it really made me chuckle. :) xx

  9. Why is my grandma not as cool as you? Heck, my MOM is not as cool as you! That was hilarious! And as a fellow grammar geek I, too, am mortified by what texting has done to the American language (and spelling). COL :( (that's Crying Out Loud next to my sad face emoticon. just made that upp, yo.)

  10. You are the coolest grandma in the world!

    As a mom, I dread the inappropriate things that I'm sure will come my way once my girls are headed to high school.

    My 17yo cousin posted about punching a girl in the face over a boy on fb and I couldn't figure out why that would even be something you would even think about, let alone post.

  11. I love that you are friends with you grandchildren on FB. I told my own mother that if she joined I wouldn't friend her! It sounds like y'all have a great relationship.

    In defense of your grandchildren, I'm a TEACHER, but when I post from my phone, I tend to lose punctuation and apostrophes because it's a pain to type them in on the phone. In addition, I can't see the whole message to proofread if I make a mistake.

  12. I think you are pretty cool grandmother to talk with your grandkids on Facebook .. and take a stand … and watch Jackass 3 … and then blog about it!


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