August 27, 2011

Satuday Centus - 08/27/11 Truth IS Stranger than Fiction

Today, Jenny Matlock is mixing things up a bit. We are once again returned to our 100 word limit, but today, a picture is also permitted. The prompt will appear below, in bold text.

Truth be Told
I was 

this close
to being done with my parenting duties. A daughter who was a freshman in college, and another who was a sophomore in high school.

This would have to be handled delicately. "I know! I'll tell them in the car!"

My daughters and a friend were all strapped in (a captive audience, if you will) and ready to go.

Three jaws hit the floormats when I announced, "Surprise I'm pregnant!"

Though this happened in 1994, I still remember it like it was yesterday...and I'm so very glad that I won't ever have to say those words again.

Folks have asked for the girls' reactions:

The older one would buy onesies and stuff and bring them home from college.
The younger one said, "Gross. Now people are going to know you had SEX! Yuck!"

And that's how The Boy's arrival was anticipated!

He's been the light of my life since 1995, and my greatest parenting challenge. Because of him, I've been privileged to learn all about special needs, and how best to search out the resources that are available. I've met some wonderful people (and a few stinkers) in our adventures.

Even he knows how rough he can be - when he was five, his Mother's Day card to me said, "Count your blessings, Mom - I could have been TWINS!"


  1. Same thing happened to my daughter, only she was trying to have a girl and got one 17 years and four boys later. What a joy she is too!~Ames

  2. Now I want to hear the rest of this true story. How did they all react?

    (I love your "this close" picture and the way you stuck it right in the middle of your text.)

    Such a great Centus!


  3. WEll, my oldest is 47 and my youngest is 32. I can relate to this. Oh, and I have a brother 16 years younger than I.

  4. great post I too was almost done with parenting My oldest was 17 and my youngest was 12 Only 6 more years until I had an empty house Nope I was wrong I had another baby at 37 He is my joy but now I got another 17+ years to go :-)

  5. You have to let us know what the reaction was....great 'real' story and I am now seeing how often this happens...I'm going to be very careful!!!! Not that another would be so bad...hmm

    Gems xxx

  6. Some of life's greatest gifts come wrapped in "Surprise!" paper. I love your photo!


  7. This happened to my mom when I was 13. I was so happy...but she was not!

  8. That is awesome. I mean, the way you told them. What a great story. My mom had a baby 4 months after my oldest sister had one. It happens.

  9. yeah that whole scenario runs through my family is well ... it's always kind of a funny situation, but it is outweighed by the beauty and love of it!

  10. Wow! What a brilliant story. It is so good when there is an element of truth on our pieces.

    I run a little challenge. Fancy having a go?

  11. A good read, and all the better for the surprise at getting a private reflection rather than fiction. Thanks for sharing it!

  12. I'm happy for you and the boy! What a jewel he's turned out to be. Kudos to you, mom!

    Isn't it great when we can tell a true story using the prompt. You do it very well!


  13. Sometimes, you just can't explain everything!

  14. Beautiful write and the pictures complement it very well. i love surpises...

  15. haaahhhaaa, this is ADORABLE...
    xoxo bj

  16. Hey JFC! I'm really late in coming around, trying to catch up on some of my fav blogs!! This is just about what happened when I found out I was pregnant with Mark! The story I wrote about it is in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book! :)

  17. The time when we feel we can wind down after are children are grown then the surprise of another new life? I have known some where this was a reality and their house once again resounded to the noise of little feet running. :)

  18. Gotta love a true story...especially one that ended so well.

    I loved reading your childrens reactions! Classic!

    Thanks for sharing this. I'm really glad you got that little 'surprise'. Your son seems to give you so much joy.


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