August 13, 2011

Saturday Centus - 08/13/11

When I first read Jenny Matlock's prompt for today (appearing below, in bold text), I groaned. I fidgeted in my chair. I even listened as The Boy gave me lousy suggestions about what to write.

I did the math. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the lack of a picture means that I can ignore that silly 50-word limit.

So there.

Then I just decided to have at it. Here 'tis, my current rule-ignoring submission. My inner scofflaw wins again:

Affective Lability as Liability
Fall on your face and I’ll chortle,
make a faux pas and I'll grin.
Stumble when carrying a big stack of cakes,
and my giggling is sure to begin.

It’s embarrassing that I seem so callous,
I get looks that you wouldn’t believe.
Stifling my laugh can be painful,
watch me "ha ha" right into my sleeve

The condition I have is quite stressful,
I often feel the great ire of the crowd
If you fall, err or trip, on a banana peel slip,
Don’t judge as I must laugh out loud


  1. Excellent job !

    This well crafted poem is sure to please and tickle a lot of chuckles out of everyone who has the pleasure of reading it...Bravo & LOL !!!

  2. Cleaver, if a little callous! Made me chuckle!

  3. Excellent and kudos to you for standing your ground!!


  4. Shot at sunrise.

    That's what Jenny does to scofflaws. On a good day.

    I love this because it reminds me of a friend who just can't help herself. She has the disorder and sometimes it's hysterical to watch her face get red when she knows she ought not be laughing.

  5. I think I'm like you, I know it's not nice to laugh out loud at somethings but sometimes you just can't help it. I know I can't and the more I try not to, the worse I get, too .lol
    Great use of the prompt :)

  6. Okay, you had to ignore the word made this poem work so well :)
    Getting a fit of the giggles can be so funny when it is inappropriate...sorry, I have a sick sense of humor...the hardest time for me is when I need to discipline the kids but just want to laugh at what they did instead!

    Gems xxx

  7. hahaha. The sad thing is, I don't need the banana peel to slip, so you would be lol'ing at me alot.

  8. You are too much! I love your lilting poem, even though, if we ever met, you would be continuously laughing at my clumsiness. I once had a boyfriend who called me "Clutzia." No, really.


  9. laugh out loud, and a chuckle too! I think you did a marvleous job! I too fretted a bit, even wrote one and completely rewrote another one!

  10. schadenfreude has your name in the definition :)

  11. Did someone actually mention the word count? Oh, come on! This piece is GREAT!!!

  12. what word count ... you had the perfect number of words!!! this rocked!

  13. Clever (and slightly twisted) as always.

    Love it!


  14. Brilliant! That was perfect, June! Sometimes you just have to err on the part of artistic integrity and ignore the rules, you rebel you! LOL!

  15. Today I laughed at my son's attempt to get me to pay $5 for one of his Pokemon cards...'Because it has the water attribute and you LOVE water mommy!!!!"

    yeah, but not THAT much. Nice try though :)

    Gems x

  16. You rule breaker you! wonderful always.

  17. Thank heavens. I was worried for a moment that your story was actually going to be 1,053 words long in my already hot office!

    But then I realized...

    Even if it were that long, I would read it and be delighted because you are always so clever and fun in what you share!

    Love this!

    You rebel!


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